Monday, January 12, 2009

12 of 12 Jan 09

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. This month I thought it would be fitting to take all my shots at SAG over about 1 10 minute period. Our guild faces some troubling times right now, say a little prayer for us!

- The top of the fountain out front.

-And the bottom.

-Looking up the eastern front wall...see the logo?

-Foyer Art. Lots of squares.

-Some doofus in an elevator.

-Viking tusk lamp art in lobby, just above the squares. I like the reflection of the (83 degree : ) outside on the right 1/4 of the ceiling.

-75 year logo outside admin.

-Cool original charter type thing in lobby display case.

-Katheryn 1/2 of giant mural in same lobby.

-Meet your officers! You might know some of these Guild pioneers.

-The man behind the curtain action figure! Actually my little tour of the beginnings of SAG here really reemphasized what were fighting for. 'Ol Frank here was a big part of it.

-Gotta have sunny palm trees, just opposite the previous admin area, in the lot.

-Bonus pic! Earlier this week at a cast & crew 1st screening of "The Graves". Look for it soon & keep updated at the new site .