Friday, October 21, 2005

Another Dog

Went to the callback for "Two Dogs Inside" this morning after a super early chiro appointment with the amazing Dr. B. Needless to say I was loose & ready & had a blast! Read with 4 or 5 guys including The Perry, got some redirects & played around a lot. After a ton of callbacks with Bon, it would be nice to finally book one. I know, in the next 20 years we will work together a crapload, now just seems like a perfect time to start.

After the audition Hal & I grabbed some sammies at Bay Cities Deli. Friday special was beef milianese (sp?) ... wicked freakin' awesome sandwich.

I think Coors went well yesterday, stopped to do some commercial drops on the way home.

Yesterday I went to a screening of "The Squid & the Whale" with Fran. Quite an enjoyable 1.2 million Indie. Afterwards Jeff Danials spoke to us about his process, career, making of this film, opportunity, his theatre company etc. Good stuff, I like the guy & he was great in this film. Amongst other things, he talked about being really ready when your 2 minutes in front of the right person happen. His was sitting an audition for "Terms of Endearment" after 7 years of doing theatre in N.Y. when his happened.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Just saw my good buddy Tim Brennan's new Slim Jim campaign for the first time. Funny as hell and what a fantastic gig for Tim. Click that link & go to "TV Spots". He & I first worked together back Denver around '96 with our Sketch/Improv troupe "Headgames". Well done Tim, I couldn't be happier for ya!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two Dogs Inside

I read for this short flick that Bonnie Gillespie is casting called Two Dogs Inside, the details of which - including the script - are here. I read for the role of one of two hitmen, along with fellow Blogger, Hal Perry. It was a tad bit like Gus & Ben in Pinter's The Dumbwaiter, or Goldberg and McCann in The Birthday Party.

This made it a nearly perfect traffic/audition day as I had a commercial audition with Kathy Knowles for AOL one block away, 50 minutes earlier. I thank the traffic gods.

It looks like things are picking up for me commercially, just got word that I have a Coors audition with Francene Selkirk-Ackerman tomorrow. I've read with Francene a bunch of times before, called back a few times & regularly keep in touch with drops/cards. I've been wanting to do a Coors spot since I got here from CO. See, we always wished they would cast them in Denver when I was acting there. I even did a huge Industrial for them part of which looked exactly like the national spot at the time. So it'd be a nice full circle to book one now. Why not.

Yesterday I sent out a bunch of postcards & submissions & I'm a little behind in my blogtivity so rather than continuing to go backwards I'll fill in with some 'old' posts later.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Something seems to be happening at USC and I'm not talkin about football (because I'm a Penn State Alum, Go Lions!) I booked another film there. This time it's a Grad 16mm black & white non synch sound (I believe) short called "Number One". I play a rumpled store clerk. In the last one I was kind of a rumpled hero. Can you see this rumpled trend ? It's definitely part of my type.

Did some work on my reel today (I'm an editor, if you're lookin) and it looks good but I cant wait to add the new stuff. I made some calls so hopefully this new stuff will come in sooner rather than later.

Had a general today with G Charles Wright who casts "That '70s Show" among other things. I think it went well...hard to tell sometimes, and not worth dwelling on. We had a nice chat & then I read some sides. He gives good direction & I felt very comfortable asking him questions. Cool guy and his associate Carolyn Wilson was nice as well. I found out we have some similar interests that we didn't get to talk about. Next time. Thanks to my friend Frannie on this one.

Did a bunch of drops while I was on the lot(CBS Radford) which always feels good. I had a good plan of attack & most folks were very helpful.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Saw a screening of A History of Violence tonight at the Writers Guild. I enjoyed it, there were some really good performances & I'd call it good not great. Maria Bello spoke afterward. I dig her, heard her speak once before with Bill Macy after The Cooler screening and she seems very real, as do her performances. Or as Mike called her "hard core". Ratpackers Frankie & Millie
enjoyed it similarly. Oh yeah... they also gave us a soundtrack CD & copy of the graphic novel that this movie came from. That's fancy talk for Comic Book for those wondering.

No other auditions last week but I had a great conversation with an agent friend about "type". And there's another grad film audition Sunday.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Had an audition today for an eHarmony industrial with Pam Giles. I hadn't seen Pam in a while so that's good. I think it went alright. My partner was a little excited when I first showed up, "oh good, a man, wanna run sides, how many pages do you think we'll do, I think we're next, they were running short of men, oh you probably want to settle in huh?" Me: "yeah, I think I'll sign in first". heh heh. She ended up being a nice gal, just a little excited at the beginning.

Did all the V/O for The Overseer yesterday at the student's apartment as he couldn't get a sound stage. Hmmm. Well, lets just say I remember what its like to have 4 guys around 20 living in one place. So I think he got some good stuff & I saw a little of the footage. Could be a nice short!

Scriptwrights was fun as usual. The rumor is we should have the website up soon.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Had to miss an audition for a grad film yesterday due to work. After work I met up with some Dalt's Gangers over at El Cholo in Santa Monica & my lovely cousin Valerie even showed up. Good grub, good friends, what a fun time. And check out Valerie in her National Remax commercial that just started running. I have not seen it yet but I understand she's driving a house through the streets of Suburbia, U.S.A. Go Val!

Second & final night of shooting on "The Overseer". Shot the scenes in my "lab" in the late afternoon then A long night of shooting the scenes with my co-star, Megan Michaels. We had a good time & I think we got some good stuff, including the happy accident of a non-working-after-dark-fountain turning into a beautiful reflecting pool.
Here's a phone cam pic of me in the"Lab".