Thursday, July 27, 2006

There's something fulfilling

about pulling hardware outa your computer, doing all the side jobs that pop up because it's best to do them 'now' even though every 134 seconds you have to wipe your brow or (not too) frantically move your head from above your motherboard lest a drip go where it does not belong ala tom cruise* hanging from those cables in the uber-security room from MI1, then getting it all back up & running a little smoother even though you lost some stuff and a bunch of time. Was that a good sentence? I'm pretty sure I'll find out, heh heh.

Lots of auditions the last couple weeks, hopefully I'll retroBlog about them soon.

*cult member

Friday, July 21, 2006

Hero of the week

Talking about the Douchebag of the century

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

12 of 12 July

This is my second 12 of 12. A fun project indeed.

9:00 am - Start the day off with a delicious (medium sized) French Press of coffee. MMmmmm, coffee.

10:40am - Here is the Loyale With cheese with the spiffy new white trash .4 mil plastic & duct tape window treatments. Yeah baby! Now when you hear me comin' with those valves-a-tappin you also get somethin to look at. Never say I don't aim to please.

2:00 last Sat. - Here is an artists rendering of what happened to the loyale with cheese. I think it's a terrific depiction that leaves nothing more to be explained. Artwork by the crafty Moon, with a little help from his lovely wife, Marie. They sent me this about 4 minutes after I discovered the evil mess. 4 minutes. I was pissed for about a tenth of a second then laughed my ass off. Good friends.

10:41am - The silvery retractable double orb sun shade in my winshield kept the temp inside to about 106 farenheit. 10 seconds = forehead drenched. Luckily it cooled down a bit once I got rolling. Off to audition #1.

11:30am - This pic has been up at a casting office for years. Can anyone guess where? Audition was quick & fun.

4:00pm - I'm now coming back from audition #2. It was over at Film Independant. Good & bad. They thought I was "to tough" for the character I auditioned for but they liked my voice & had me read for a larger VO role. **Plus alert viewers may notice a precedent setting time jumping cross post. What? The 101 sign in the above pic is a stones throw from my place and a subject of Bon's 12 of 12 last month.**

4:05pm - Since it was cool in my apartment lobby, I decided to model my extra warm audition wear. Thick flannel, leather jacket, jeans - humor.

4:10pm - This pigeon was in the stairwell of my building right before my floor..Scared the crap out of me.

4:11pm - Here's a better shot. Musta scared him too as he got right out the window quick-like.

8:25pm - This is my VCR recording the 2nd half of Rockstar Supernova (great freakin show) while I jet down to the Korean mall.

8:50pm - Back from said mall with groceries. Most importantly, delicious Ice Cream for fatty. When Dryers PB Cup is $1.75 & all the others are $4.00 consistently for over a year I think its a sign from God. Do I sound like a chick?

10:00pm - I've got 2 auditions tomorrow. Nice! The last time I had 2 in one day through my theatrical was.... well, who cares. Action! This counts as my bonus pic from the random word generator. My word was Industry.

Fellow 12 of 12ers, : thanks for stopping by & feel free to click around.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

R.I.P. and a major tear shed for one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett.That's him with the guitar. He truly was the troubled genius...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Bon

Sorry I couldn't be there in the flesh. Have a grand one!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Puppy Alert

If you love puppies, like you should unless you are a satanist, please think about helping one of these little fellas out! Click here for info.