Saturday, December 30, 2006

why not

Be the change you want to see in the world.

-Mahatma Gandhi


A bunch of stuff is happening & I'll have a post or two up later but for now please enjoy this excellent political short.

*note* Not quite suitable for conservative workplace

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Today I am grateful for jingle bells, Santa, presents, wise men, mangers, baby Jesus, toys, Rudolph... I spend a lot of time thinking about the people who don't have these things, etc. etc. that sometimes I can forget the Joy it brings to many.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Watching Robert Duvall is inspiring. I like being inspired & for that I am grateful. I watched "The Apostle" tonight & really enjoyed it & his work. Well, it was all his work as he wrote, co-produced, directed & acted in it. He always has something going on, you find yourself interested in him. It reminded me of his role in "Broken Trail".

Friday, December 22, 2006


Today I am grateful for my chiropractor, Dr. B. She is very fun, full of life and, of course, a great healer.

I also went to a Christmas Party at my cousin Val's place (the other acting Lippincott). Quite a tasty feast, good folks & wicked, kick-ass games of Pictionary ...thats right, kick-ass...we don't mess around.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today I am once again grateful for my class, its really been quite invigorating. I feel more prepared for TV & film auditions than I have in a while. Opportunity meets preparation.

Also the head seems to be still maintaining, tomorrow I hit the chiropractor.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It seems I've been a little negligent in my 12 Days of Gratitude. That's OK, I have a few posts ready to go & will fill them in tomorrow. Lots to be grateful for today. Only 4 days after saying goodbye to my trusty Loyale with cheese, the brakes go out on the Diamante. This is especially troubling since I spent 600 on a full brake job last year and it was parked for about 5 or 6 months as I drove the Loyale. And while they could get my brakes working today, they could not do it for free since it's been over 6 months (parked or not). Oh, and I needed rotors again as well.

So as I'm walking from lunch at the amazing Bay Cities Deli & looking to kill a little time on the promenade, I pass a massage store & remind myself I really want "one of those back things". So I walk around a bit (Mario's is gone!), visit my friend Marc who manages at Broadway Deli and remember to stop at the back place. They only have the 'fake' Theracanes & refer me to another shop up on Wilshire. So I pick up the Diamante, enjoy the ability to stop again & cruise over to "Acology" where the extremely cool staff up sell me to the Backbuddy
throw in a 10% discount & give me some free "Cozy Rings". These are acupressure rings that go on your fingers and/or toes to help relieve/remove pain. Something is working. I fell in love with the Backbuddy, just as I did with it's cousin the Theracane up in Winter Park last year. You can really feel it loosening up the muscles, however I have no idea if it was one or both things that helped the headache go away today but it did. Gratitude.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


I didn't catch SNL last night but found this "SNL Digital Short" from the show on YouTube. Simple, musical, funny. I'm not saying it's a home run every week but I do find that people who constantly diss SNL as "crap-not as good as it used to be"( and it's been happening since season 2) really aren't watching.

For the laughs I just had, I am grateful.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

hut hut

Today I have gratitude for the Football guys, we have a great time every Sunday & today they were nice enough to vote to watch Thursday's Steeler win instead of the boring live game. Bless them.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


This is the new poster for Netherbeast Incorporated.The Ronalds Boys were in town for a screening of Little Victim at Network Film Night. A good night was had by all & afterwards we supped in rainy Beverly Hills with a couple of Dean's friends & one of the Leads of Netherbeast.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Got a few mailers out today. Which reminds me, I got to do some drops last week for the first time in a little while. Action is always good & for that I am grateful. Today was just a good action day all the way around. We did an emotional exercise in class last night, real good shit ...the future is bright.

Oh, and I'm a couple days behind in my 12 days of Gratitude™ (it's the 11th right now) but I'll be caught up soon. It's not to late to join if you'd like.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Tonight my gratitude is for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And they were certainly playing more like the Superbowl champs they became last season. Willie Parker rushed for a record 223 yards. Parker, the first player in Steelers history to have two 200-yard games in a season, broke John "Frenchy" Fuqua's record of 218 yards against Philadelphia in 1970, two years before Fuqua was the intended receiver on Harris' famous Immaculate Reception against Oakland. Ben had 225 yards with a 49 yard TD to Washington & even ran one in for his 1st rushing TD of the season. Spanking the Browns is always nice, let's see if that can help get us a wildcard.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Today I have gratitude for my family. I don't get to spend as much time with them as I like and its certainly not hard to realize that around this time of year. I believe I'll call a few folks today. I'm also very fortunate to have a large, adopted family of friends here in L.A. I'll call some of them too.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I finished up an editing project last night using my (finally hooked up) new (used) Sony A/V amplifier. It is working well & is a nice little addition to my editing system and for that I am grateful. There's nothing like a piece of equipment blowing up to get you to upgrade!

Monday, December 04, 2006


There's an interesting explanation of the new Blogger Beta in this video. I migrated over a couple weeks ago & that's why things look a little different, hopefully better, around here. It took a little work but was generally fast & easy to get it just right. There's a lot of interesting new ways to add/customize things & I look forward to doing more and to incorporating it into my main site when that is ready. For all this geeky stuff, I am grateful.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Well the Steelers won today. For that I am grateful. They gave the Buccaneers a heavy 20-3 swashbuckling at home in Heinz Field. If we win the rest of our games ....and a lot of #2 teams lose a couple ....and lightning strikes ....and 'ol Ben chucks a few less interceptions ...then we're in!

I read we're now spending 2 billion a month on the war. Damn. I'm happy to be alive.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I got called in to work the day job today. And I'm working tomorrow as well. At first you may think this is a bad thing but I prefer working weekends to free up the week a little more for auditions. And despite not wanting to miss football, we only work 1 Sunday a month so it's sort of a cherished spot. Plus I can record the Steelers if they're on and still catch the late game. For this I am grateful. No work - no eat!

Friday, December 01, 2006

World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day. See what you can do to help by clicking here. (or many other places) It's pretty easy. Or maybe just practice some kindness this week, or say a little prayer or a few nice thoughts if you prefer for a family member, friend or stranger who has died of this disease.


Had an audition for a film called "The Morgue" today. Got some terrific feedback after I did my bit & I think this guy is right up my alley. Or one of my alleys anyway.

Also had that callback with Gabrielle Schary for the smoking PSA today. A fun director that gave a lot of direction that I believe I followed well ...although I did think of another choice 3 hours later in the car. heh heh, who knows, leave it in the room & onto the next one.

This wraps up a pretty good week of action! Oh, they also called me into the day job last minute for tomorrow which is great & which I accepted. It'll offset the day I had to miss last week.
And, I nearly forgot, I'm an official sponsor for Hollywood Happy Hour! I donated one free & a couple discounted editing sessions for drawing/door prizes. I was at (I believe) the 2nd ever HHH which was before Bonnie was even casting...seems like so long ago...yet only yesterday...or some other cliches. Bon has been a Pal ever since & I even contributed to her latest book SMFA2 as an actor/editor in the section on demo reels. For all of the above I am grateful.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


It's sure been a busy week. Tomorrow brings another commercial callback & a feature horror audition. I am grateful for these things. I had to miss an audition today as well due to another appointment. Never like that to happen but it certainly falls under the quality problem category. Class was really good's pretty much going to stay that way.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

happy monkey

Today I am grateful for hope. I read the book by Jane Goodall recently called "A Reason For Hope" and I am remembering how good it was. *and I just now found the website because I wanted to link the Book, how cool - check it out!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Call waiting

Stay with it people, it's only 30 seconds & well worth it. We need a few guys like this in L.A., he is my hero today, I got to laugh early & for that I am grateful.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I have 2 commercial callbacks tomorrow. Good timing too, just when the 'ol head was trying to do some thinkin' about length of time since the last one.

This morning's audition was with Gabrielle Schary for a non-smoking PSA. This is the third non-smoking PSA I've auditioned for since I quit smoking. After the first one I was sure I would book it. I mean the universe has to thank me for that, right? Nope. Same deal on the second one. OK Universe, I get it, I'll just keep suiting up & showing up.

So Today's audition goes well. I did my bit, got some terrific feedback from Gabrielle, did another one & was outa there, life is good. And for that I am grateful.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Goose egg

Today I am grateful for football, friends, serenity & Phó (Vietnamese noodle soup). Even though it was a mighty tough day on the gridiron for my boys.

And I've got a commercial audition in the morning.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wowie Zowie

Last week I went to see the play "All About Walken" . That's myself & my friend Tara, who did a superb job in the show, eyeballing each other in front of the cool lobby poster. The show was a bunch of impressions, scenes & funny make-em-ups about the amazing Mr. Walken. Good fun, go see it. I am grateful for good shows I get to see my friends in in L.A.

I am also grateful for my friend Lauren and a couple hundred people I got to share some gratitude with this holiday weekend.

A lot

Friday, November 24, 2006


Today I am cumulatively grateful for the other auditions I had this short week.
Jackson-Hewitt for Ross Lacy casting - No callback although Stephon got one. Book it man.
Kia for Deborah Kurtz - fun as hell, would love to call back on this one.
"Dirt" for Fiorentino/Mangieri/Weidman - This was my first Episodic audition in a while & I was psyched to be back in the FMW offices again. They've called me in a bunch in the last couple years. I saw Jonathan there, a fellow blogger who I previously only knew online.

Also I really enjoy the Vietnamese summer rolls (although I think they're really spring...?) I get at the Korean market food court just down the street. Light & delicious & perfect for post overindulging gobble day. Add them to my gratitude list, and the whole restaurant really as I regularly get Pho there, and the occasional #7.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Share the happy

Here's Mom, who makes the best damn thanksgiving dinner ever! I once got the stink-eye from my Grandpa-Jim for mentioning this at Grandma's Thanksgiving dinner table. Oops.

Happy thanksgiving everybody! Today I am grateful for all the friends I get to hang out with, my family scattered around the country who I will not see but some of whom I'll talk to, getting decent sleep last night, the delicious turkey I will soon be gobbling and the best L.A. Thanksgiving tradition ever: Late night charades at Patricia, John & Mairead's House! The Kid:

Fun news - my buddy Hal jumped on board for the 12 Days of Gratitude, the little project I started to combat holiday blues/pissedoffedness. Jump on board if you'd like to do the same, there's plenty of room!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Today I am grateful For my audition with Jeff Hightower for the film "Coma". I kind of improvised on a line, didn't stumble or anything but it was the first line. Would rather have not done that but I mostly think I gave them what I wanted to. It was my first time in this building and I must say the architecture of the building, & the entire office park is just amazing. I'll have to see if I can find a pic.

12 days of gratitude

OK, the 33 days really.

I don't like death I don't like ultra early advertising I don't like gluttony I don't like the overindulgence of this country & this town I don't like sadness I don't like our incompetent president I don't like war I don't like arrogant religious zealots I don't like uber commercialization I don't like sickness I don't like pain I don't like douchebags.

So in an effort to be happy & healthy & joyous to family, friends, myself & all those in-between, I am going to post something I'm grateful for every day until Xmas. Feel free to join along with me, won't you?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Steelers spank Browns in their own house

Yup, that title says it all! After a lackluster start the Steel is back in the game. That sorta goes for the whole season as well as this game. And the sniveling of some browns fans about the loss is just gravy on the cake. Thats right, cake-gravy brownies, eat it!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

12 of 12 November

The 12 of 12 is a fun project started by a guy named Chad(click link) that I try to do every month. Today I was working as a proctor at the Chiropractic National Board test. Actors have weird Bi-Annual jobs.
6am - My first (and only) obligatory "Way to effin early" mirror shot.

7am - The lovely Rachel (my co-proctor...we wear the badge!) on the right & the lovely Dana (SP coordinator & big chief) on the left.

7:30am - Life size acupuncture training statue (the AcuOscar) This one has a small loin cloth & we're looking out a couple of the cool square windows.

8am - Looking across campus...sometimes the crappy phone cam™ just doesn't get it.

9am - The rotation board for the exam. Don't touch, damnit!

10am - The largest block of the cool square windows with foliage. There's some cool architecture here.

11am - These are on top of the doors of the training rooms we use to crash out in (not part of the live exam)

11:01 - Warning!

1pm - We got the tiny TV to work in the break room and the Steeler game was on. We Won!

2pm - As a proctor, we can officially look into the "staff only" room. Those are shelves full of Chinese herbs on the left, going all the way back. It smelled nice & healthy.

2:30 - Theres Tim posing with one of many cool body cut away charts.

3pm - Here's the AcuOscar that is anatomically correct. The red scarf was put on by some modest person. It got moved back & forth several times over the weekend. Funny shit. (I got busted once - heh heh)

4pm - This months bonus picture theme was "Thanksgiving" Getting onto the 10 meant I was almost home after a very long weekend.

Welcome other 12 of 12ers, feel free to leave a comment/take a look around.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Back in the saddle

Auditions are picking up it seems. Had to miss 2 last week due to flying back east but it got busy at the end of the week here a bit: Time Warner commercial for Jane Doe Casting and AIG for Joe Blake. And get this, they were both on Friday, an hour apart and right next to each other in the same casting office, 200 S LaBrea! I thanked the casting gods. Both were good. I am going in to Joe Blake a lot recently/this year...I feel I will book with him soon. My audition was with a real great kid playing my daughter, we ran lines & talked about Halloween before going in. She likes Rolo's.

Then it was straight to another great Howey class. If you are an actor in need of a better class, I highly recommend this one. Highly.

Today's audition was for a SAG Modified Low Budget short. I think it went real well, I really connect to this character & liked the folks in the room. We shall see.

And we finish off (or start the new week, depending on your prefs) with a theatre audition Sunday. Onward.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry on Kerry

Click here for YouTube video.

It's to bad he didn't get to be president when we elected him.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I don't know

Sometimes it just does not feel right blogging about personal shit. Some do, some don't. I have other places to work on that stuff in my life, perhaps that's why I don't share all of it here. And maybe it can feel odd blogging when I have sick family members or if I don't feel so hot myself or shit gets stolen or any number of things. I don't know. Some things really suck, some are really good, some are ok on life's terms.

Friday, October 13, 2006


I have two thousand four hundred and thirtyfour songs on my iTunes.

30 seconds after I IM'd my fellow creative/geek buddy Paul these words: "Holy crap, it's raining" (you see, it just never rains here, so that is quite enough news to barge in on a conversation about digital receivers & voice recording on my new, relatively inexpensive, video iPod ...if I get one) The classic Cream song "Let it Rain" pops up from iTunes' 'shuffle' & starts playing. Sweet.

Great song. Great rain. I love it when it rains here it's peaceful (if you're not on the road)... plus L.A. can always use a good douching. Clean city, happy city. Wow, thunder too now, that really never happens


Yup, that's RJ & myself. Click pic for larger image & entire gallery.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Saturday, September 30, 2006

late night

Had an audition Thursday for Talk Show With Spike Ferenstein with CD Bernard Abellada. I gave him & his lovely assistant Amy a good laugh. First time with this CD & first time on this lot. There is a lot of sketch on this show & they dig Improv folks. I'll be keeping them on my radar & hopefully they'll return the favor.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Smart coverage of the Clinton interview

As usual, The Daily get's it right. Click the arrow on the lower left, not the one in the middle.

Here's another. Watch the whole thing, seriously, It's only 10 mins.

New office

Had a commercial audition at an office I'd never been to before. That hasn't happened in a while. It was at Blanca Valdez Casting for Jack-in-the-Box. They cast a lot of Spanish speaking market stuff there: a comfortable, friendly little office. She really seemed to like my expressions... lets hope for a callback!

Sent a few mailers out today, first time in a while and it always feels good. One was for a film in the Phoenix area. I was sure to let them know about the 'Beast that I just shot there..

Monday, September 25, 2006


My regular weekly Writers/Actors group, Scriptwrights, has been updating the new site. Click that link to check it out. You can now see our profiles under "Members" and there's updated info on what myself & the other actors & writers are up to under"features" then "BJ's Blurb". Check it out.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I had a fun actors day last week. Started out with a commercial audition for Ava Shevit at the new studio in Santa Monica. Very cool design inside and even though I'm not thrilled about the location I did manage to get the absolute best rock-star parking spot (patrons of Hooter's patio could hit my car with a wadded up napkin). After some work on my scene for class I was off to The Casting Studios to read for Ross Lacey. Both auditions felt good, no callbacks so far though. I'm trying to up my callback ratio & may take a commercial-specific class to brush up on the old skills. And it's one of the reasons I'm psyched to be back in a "regular" acting class again.

Speaking of class, I've been back studying with Bill Howey for 5 weeks now and it's been great. Thursday night was the 3rd time up with a scene from American Buffalo: a favorite play from a favorite author. We came out pretty strong, incorporating a few notes from last week, then talked for a bit, got some more notes and (if I can blow my own horn a bit) then just nailed it. You actors out there understand the feeling. Non-actors may continue to think I'm full of California-Hippie-Talk ... which is kinda true anyway. It's been a year & 1/2 since I've been in a regular class and my confidence & I are quite happy to be in this one. If you are looking for a place to study, I highly recommend Bill.

Monday, September 18, 2006

God hates shrimp

These people have quite a humorous way to combat some (of the many) people who hate in the name of God.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9 of 12...

I missed the 12 of 12 for the 2nd month in a row. So here's a cobbled together 9 or 10 with great hope to hit it next month. The 12th was the day I flew out to Phoenix to film "Netherbeast Incorporated"
10:00 am or so - Flying Southwest out of Burbank on day 2 of increased security/no liquid rule. I gave myself 2.5 extra hours and had the absolute shortest time between my place and the gate of departure ever. Funny stuff. Although doing what airlines suggested did give me a slight advantage in time with no checked bags & early check-in from home. I even ended up hopping on a flight that left 2 hours earlier for only 20 bucks. I was in the terminal about 25 mins total. This is my lovely middle seat between a married couple who refused to sit together and had lots of newspapers and iPod's and food and all kinds of other shit floppin' all over the place.
10:15 am - Here are the lovely long-yellow-Hobbit-like-uncleaned-since 1975- toenails of the husband of said couple.
10:48 am - Gross toes aside, I still munched on a couple bags of nuts since the early arrival negated my planned breakfast in the Terminal.
12:00 noon - ish - Check it out! My first ever movie "driver with my name on a card waiting for me" ever! Nice. I believe I said "hold it right there for a second dude".
1:48 pm - Actor/Producer Brian Ronalds & Director/Producer Dean Matthew Ronalds on the "office" part of the set they had built from scratch.
2:00 pm - The winner out of 3 or 4 choices of oldy timey man-beard I tried on. Applied by the lovely & professional Sheryl Ptak. Killer pic with my co-star here, in the Gallery.
2:40 am - OK, this was actually a little earlier. It's Director Dean and me with my own 2 week beard, moments before Sheryl shaved it. (it's nice to have somebody do that for you : ) They wanted to see if would work in conjunction with the 'piece did not.
4:00 pm - ok, this was actually the 2 days later around 6 am in (near) full make-up & wardrobe.
9:00 am - On the way to the airport I took this pic of the condom covered building as part of my very own time jumping cross post™ that I started here, and continue by crossing to this post of Bon's, here.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sweet sweet conditioned air

So today I drove to my commercial audition in the delicious chilled comfort of a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu. Aaaahhh, yeah, no sweaty pits, no glistening head as I slipped into Castaway for a quick one. The audition was nice & easy & I couldn't wait to drive again without hearing the flapping of .4 mil plastic & duct tape currently holding together the Loyale With Cheese. I believe it is time for the junkyard in the sky for my beloved Subaru. 12 years, 192,000 miles, Los Angeles & yesterdays accident have done 'er in. While I do have an affinity for mid-full size Chevy's this one is merely a rental ...and I prefer them from the 1960's anyway.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well I've got 8 credits showing on IMDB now, woohoo! (as Bon would say) In addition to that my starmeter has been rapidly rising since Netherbeast went up. Nearly 200,000 points in a month, click now to keep me rising!

--update 6/4/06 I'm down 10,000. I had a feeling that might happen right after I talk about it. heh heh. Well you can still click away to help the cause--

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Donald F Lippincott

My Grandfather, a two time Olympic medalist. I can't believe I found this footage of him getting the bronze in the 100m. I did not know this film existed. More to come.

** Welcome cousins & other searchers. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line **added 9/22/06**

*** Hi Cousins, again feel free to contact me, I can get you a higher quality copy of this on DVD * added 10/08/07 ***

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Math = Comedy

You saw it here first, the eerie resemblance of SNL's Will Forte character "The Falconer" (shown with said falcon: Donald) to the nutty Russian Math genius, Grigory Perelman, who recently turned down Math's highest honor, the Fields Medal.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Back again today to the offices of Lieberman Patton casting for a role on the new series "Vanished". I was right for the role & think the audition went alright. I may have felt just a tad funky by skipping breakfast... or maybe it was the fact that as I walked out there was YET ANOTHER F'n parking ticket. So I learned something for next time. Which was a little later at Maryclaire Sweeters for a Sweedish clothing commercial. I left this one in the room & came out smiling and there was no ticket. All is well.


Off to Scriptwrights later tonight. We have our site back up again, have I told you this? Click on the name to check it out. Between this & Howey's class being back in town I feel like I'm getting a good workout & staying fresh.

Thursday, August 17, 2006 I never left

I just got back from a kick ass class with my old teacher, Bill Howey. So good, so real seems like it was only yesterday that I left Denver for L.A. Well now Bill and his lovely wife Carla have moved back here and set up class again. I'm quite psyched! Some of you may remember me talking about his book, The Actor's Menu
And class is filling up. I highly recommend it, contact them soon(or ask me some questions in an email)if you're interested.

I still have a big post about the awesome experience on Netherbeast Incorporated, and a 3/4 completed , way late 12 of 12 to do once I catch up on some sleep.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hero of the week

Chris Paine, Director of "Who Killed The Electric Car". I had heard just a little about this film when I stumbled upon this clip of his appearance on The Daily Show. Check out his MySpace Film Page to see a trailer & the list of screenings all around the country.

Then go see the film.

And let's do something kind for our planet and/or its inhabitants today ...we'll feel good.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


just in case the booking was not quite enough information, I can tell you that although I am friends with these fellas and have worked with them before, I did have to audition. And I gave it the old college try* indeed. Here's a leaked still from one of the audition takes. If you look closely you can tell that that is not my actual facial hair. Now, I did not spring for the $50 piece nor did I cheap out and get the $2 one, I split the difference ...and I think it shows.

*Dad Phrase™

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Booked a Feature

It's A comedy/horror brought to you by the Ronalds Brothers, the same creative team that hired this guy for the 2003 Vietnam short A.W.O.L. I'll be sharing one of my scenes with Robert Wagner, how cool is that? What do you think the chances are of that clip ending up on my reel? I'll give you a hint, it's just above 99%. I'll be playing historical figure, Alexander Graham Bell.

Don't think I've done that before. more on this later tonight...I swear ...I just have to do some more overdue editing (yes, yours) ... <8/4/6> ok, i didn't catch up yet...i think i must need to stop promosing that.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

There's something fulfilling

about pulling hardware outa your computer, doing all the side jobs that pop up because it's best to do them 'now' even though every 134 seconds you have to wipe your brow or (not too) frantically move your head from above your motherboard lest a drip go where it does not belong ala tom cruise* hanging from those cables in the uber-security room from MI1, then getting it all back up & running a little smoother even though you lost some stuff and a bunch of time. Was that a good sentence? I'm pretty sure I'll find out, heh heh.

Lots of auditions the last couple weeks, hopefully I'll retroBlog about them soon.

*cult member

Friday, July 21, 2006

Hero of the week

Talking about the Douchebag of the century

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

12 of 12 July

This is my second 12 of 12. A fun project indeed.

9:00 am - Start the day off with a delicious (medium sized) French Press of coffee. MMmmmm, coffee.

10:40am - Here is the Loyale With cheese with the spiffy new white trash .4 mil plastic & duct tape window treatments. Yeah baby! Now when you hear me comin' with those valves-a-tappin you also get somethin to look at. Never say I don't aim to please.

2:00 last Sat. - Here is an artists rendering of what happened to the loyale with cheese. I think it's a terrific depiction that leaves nothing more to be explained. Artwork by the crafty Moon, with a little help from his lovely wife, Marie. They sent me this about 4 minutes after I discovered the evil mess. 4 minutes. I was pissed for about a tenth of a second then laughed my ass off. Good friends.

10:41am - The silvery retractable double orb sun shade in my winshield kept the temp inside to about 106 farenheit. 10 seconds = forehead drenched. Luckily it cooled down a bit once I got rolling. Off to audition #1.

11:30am - This pic has been up at a casting office for years. Can anyone guess where? Audition was quick & fun.

4:00pm - I'm now coming back from audition #2. It was over at Film Independant. Good & bad. They thought I was "to tough" for the character I auditioned for but they liked my voice & had me read for a larger VO role. **Plus alert viewers may notice a precedent setting time jumping cross post. What? The 101 sign in the above pic is a stones throw from my place and a subject of Bon's 12 of 12 last month.**

4:05pm - Since it was cool in my apartment lobby, I decided to model my extra warm audition wear. Thick flannel, leather jacket, jeans - humor.

4:10pm - This pigeon was in the stairwell of my building right before my floor..Scared the crap out of me.

4:11pm - Here's a better shot. Musta scared him too as he got right out the window quick-like.

8:25pm - This is my VCR recording the 2nd half of Rockstar Supernova (great freakin show) while I jet down to the Korean mall.

8:50pm - Back from said mall with groceries. Most importantly, delicious Ice Cream for fatty. When Dryers PB Cup is $1.75 & all the others are $4.00 consistently for over a year I think its a sign from God. Do I sound like a chick?

10:00pm - I've got 2 auditions tomorrow. Nice! The last time I had 2 in one day through my theatrical was.... well, who cares. Action! This counts as my bonus pic from the random word generator. My word was Industry.

Fellow 12 of 12ers, : thanks for stopping by & feel free to click around.