Saturday, September 30, 2006

late night

Had an audition Thursday for Talk Show With Spike Ferenstein with CD Bernard Abellada. I gave him & his lovely assistant Amy a good laugh. First time with this CD & first time on this lot. There is a lot of sketch on this show & they dig Improv folks. I'll be keeping them on my radar & hopefully they'll return the favor.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Smart coverage of the Clinton interview

As usual, The Daily get's it right. Click the arrow on the lower left, not the one in the middle.

Here's another. Watch the whole thing, seriously, It's only 10 mins.

New office

Had a commercial audition at an office I'd never been to before. That hasn't happened in a while. It was at Blanca Valdez Casting for Jack-in-the-Box. They cast a lot of Spanish speaking market stuff there: a comfortable, friendly little office. She really seemed to like my expressions... lets hope for a callback!

Sent a few mailers out today, first time in a while and it always feels good. One was for a film in the Phoenix area. I was sure to let them know about the 'Beast that I just shot there..

Monday, September 25, 2006


My regular weekly Writers/Actors group, Scriptwrights, has been updating the new site. Click that link to check it out. You can now see our profiles under "Members" and there's updated info on what myself & the other actors & writers are up to under"features" then "BJ's Blurb". Check it out.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I had a fun actors day last week. Started out with a commercial audition for Ava Shevit at the new studio in Santa Monica. Very cool design inside and even though I'm not thrilled about the location I did manage to get the absolute best rock-star parking spot (patrons of Hooter's patio could hit my car with a wadded up napkin). After some work on my scene for class I was off to The Casting Studios to read for Ross Lacey. Both auditions felt good, no callbacks so far though. I'm trying to up my callback ratio & may take a commercial-specific class to brush up on the old skills. And it's one of the reasons I'm psyched to be back in a "regular" acting class again.

Speaking of class, I've been back studying with Bill Howey for 5 weeks now and it's been great. Thursday night was the 3rd time up with a scene from American Buffalo: a favorite play from a favorite author. We came out pretty strong, incorporating a few notes from last week, then talked for a bit, got some more notes and (if I can blow my own horn a bit) then just nailed it. You actors out there understand the feeling. Non-actors may continue to think I'm full of California-Hippie-Talk ... which is kinda true anyway. It's been a year & 1/2 since I've been in a regular class and my confidence & I are quite happy to be in this one. If you are looking for a place to study, I highly recommend Bill.

Monday, September 18, 2006

God hates shrimp

These people have quite a humorous way to combat some (of the many) people who hate in the name of God.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9 of 12...

I missed the 12 of 12 for the 2nd month in a row. So here's a cobbled together 9 or 10 with great hope to hit it next month. The 12th was the day I flew out to Phoenix to film "Netherbeast Incorporated"
10:00 am or so - Flying Southwest out of Burbank on day 2 of increased security/no liquid rule. I gave myself 2.5 extra hours and had the absolute shortest time between my place and the gate of departure ever. Funny stuff. Although doing what airlines suggested did give me a slight advantage in time with no checked bags & early check-in from home. I even ended up hopping on a flight that left 2 hours earlier for only 20 bucks. I was in the terminal about 25 mins total. This is my lovely middle seat between a married couple who refused to sit together and had lots of newspapers and iPod's and food and all kinds of other shit floppin' all over the place.
10:15 am - Here are the lovely long-yellow-Hobbit-like-uncleaned-since 1975- toenails of the husband of said couple.
10:48 am - Gross toes aside, I still munched on a couple bags of nuts since the early arrival negated my planned breakfast in the Terminal.
12:00 noon - ish - Check it out! My first ever movie "driver with my name on a card waiting for me" ever! Nice. I believe I said "hold it right there for a second dude".
1:48 pm - Actor/Producer Brian Ronalds & Director/Producer Dean Matthew Ronalds on the "office" part of the set they had built from scratch.
2:00 pm - The winner out of 3 or 4 choices of oldy timey man-beard I tried on. Applied by the lovely & professional Sheryl Ptak. Killer pic with my co-star here, in the Gallery.
2:40 am - OK, this was actually a little earlier. It's Director Dean and me with my own 2 week beard, moments before Sheryl shaved it. (it's nice to have somebody do that for you : ) They wanted to see if would work in conjunction with the 'piece did not.
4:00 pm - ok, this was actually the 2 days later around 6 am in (near) full make-up & wardrobe.
9:00 am - On the way to the airport I took this pic of the condom covered building as part of my very own time jumping cross post™ that I started here, and continue by crossing to this post of Bon's, here.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sweet sweet conditioned air

So today I drove to my commercial audition in the delicious chilled comfort of a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu. Aaaahhh, yeah, no sweaty pits, no glistening head as I slipped into Castaway for a quick one. The audition was nice & easy & I couldn't wait to drive again without hearing the flapping of .4 mil plastic & duct tape currently holding together the Loyale With Cheese. I believe it is time for the junkyard in the sky for my beloved Subaru. 12 years, 192,000 miles, Los Angeles & yesterdays accident have done 'er in. While I do have an affinity for mid-full size Chevy's this one is merely a rental ...and I prefer them from the 1960's anyway.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well I've got 8 credits showing on IMDB now, woohoo! (as Bon would say) In addition to that my starmeter has been rapidly rising since Netherbeast went up. Nearly 200,000 points in a month, click now to keep me rising!

--update 6/4/06 I'm down 10,000. I had a feeling that might happen right after I talk about it. heh heh. Well you can still click away to help the cause--