Friday, September 30, 2005

Loyale with Cheese

Wow, I can't believe it. My faithfull car of 12 years, the "Loyale With Cheese" passed smog!
I'm a happy guy... well, for the time being. It's got 183,000 and getting a little tired. Which is why I supplemented it with the Diamante this year. The Diamante is luxurious when it's running properly, and in a straight line, and somewhat quirky/evil when not. I'm investigating the government buyback program for this ride. Then I'll be back to being a 1 car pauper, tooling around in the Loyale with Cheese until a new ride crosses my path.

The Cox audition went alright, interestingly I was in the wrong outfit. Some got the shirt-tie-slacks call while most were in shorts/casual. Oops. No worries though, I learned to let this one go a while ago and as a matter of fact, for one of the best Nationals I've had, the KFC with Jason Alexander, I showed up completely wrong for the audition.

The shoot for "The Overseer" was cool. All stuff on top of a parking garage with a wicked view of the city. Plus we wrapped early due to the Female lead not being able to make it. No worries, we only got the call yesterday plus I have to work early tomorrow.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Well yesterday I auditioned for a USC film, found out this morning I booked it, got the script a couple hours later & shot a few scenes tonight. It's a pretty stylized piece in which I play the lead, a sad man with an interesting talent. Shooting miniDV, all MOS with narration(me). We shoot again Sunday & grab the ADR early next week.

Audition with CD Michael Tierny for Cox Communication. They added an extra role around noon, can I make it around 3:15? Yup, just going to have to haul ass to the tax lady right after that. Ahhh, fun taxes.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Callback today for the Megan Morman film from last week. It felt a little flat, although it kind of felt like that last week & here I am at the callback. Ya never know. Do it, get out & start workin on the next one.

Went to scriptwrights Monday night. Its always a good time there & we get to play a lot of roles, practice cold reading, good stuff. Just found out my friends Alice & Robin from here are both nominated for Ovation Awards. Awesome! Congrats ladies!

Sent out bunches of postards so far this week. Going to get in class of some sort this or next week. Looking forward the bountiful bookings in my life.

Possible student film audition tomorrow.

HAVE to get taxes going this week, plus a bunch of other annoying shit that will free itself from my head once completed. Ahhhhh, happy fluffy clouds.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Was going to take my Bass & beginner skills over to jam with the boys from the Pigs
but was asked at the last minute to tape the final show over at the SpyAnts. I saw the preview of this thing & it was good then & good now. Tipi Hedren, star of "The Birds" was there & gave a nice Q&A after, then told some great stories for another 1/2 hour or so. Very cool, I dig Tippi.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Worked the day job today. Sent out a bunch more new-agent mailers and a 1st meeting follow up to McConnell/Gilmore.

Sent in my application for the SAG Conservatory. I didn't do it last year & think there should be some good workshops, classes, etc.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

and more

This week is turning out to be nice & full. It's been a while and it feels great. Got a call from Orion (the new theatrical rep, I'll stop saying "new" for my agents after this post),my first audition through him, for the new CBS drama"Close to Home" with CD Janet Gilmore on the Sony lot. This was my first time reading for Janet & I enjoyed it. We talked about Jersey a bit, I read my couple-a lines, got a few redirects, which was nice, often you don't, especially on a small co-star role. Felt pretty good.
I didn't have much time to research what else was cast on this lot. So after I dropped a couple friends shots in the McConnel/Gilmore box I went on a little search for CD's. After no success from hoofing it & asking a couple friendly faces I called a couple guys like Hal & Tim & everyone was as clueless as me or not near their computers. Since I was feeling my 'wandering around without notice' clock ticking down I decided to save any drops for next time.

Audition for an AFI thesis film. I play the father of a troubled teen. The read was fine & I liked the CD. Onward.

Callback! The Jewelry spot for Lisa Fields and I'm kinda psyched to get this one as it's from my first audition through Origin. This time it's in Santa Monica at the production office. I was driving down there a little early after coming from the Dad audition so I figured I'd grab some lunch close by rather than stay in Hollywood & tempt the traffic gods. Good thing , because Janet calls asking if I can be there an hour early! "Why yes I can." An odd callback, once they had 8 people collected, they marched us in and stood us in a line. Then one of the producers does the slow look up & down the line & all the sudden its 3rd grade & I want to get picked early so I don't look like a goober. He points to a blond Gal .....& then me, Yeah I'm on the kickball team! We do a short improv and get stopped fairly quickly. Some more whispering ensues. "Thank you". Wow, that was quick, no more kickball so I go find some lunch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It's raining in L.A. People still freak out and the roads start out a little slick. Which delays things at the day-job somewhat. I'm rarely there anyway but today I am, with the rain traffic & me having to rush to the audition. Murphy's Law? Well, amazingly I was not late to work . We were running late but I had my superfast rout all planned to Judy Elkins office.

Check my messages at lunch & it's my new agent Janet at Origin calling to give me another appointment. Cool, 2 auditions to right outa the gate! Can I get there at 2:15? Since work usually gets out around 3 - 3:15 this is a no go but she will call to see if I can get in there late. Perfect, it's nearby at Lisa Fields Casting & She'll call to see how late they'll go.

Call to check in and Saveon cancelled my character. D'oh! No more fishing Dad. However the other spot, JD Robins jewelers is going 'till "4 or whenever they finish". I haul ass & get there just as they are shutting down & they let me go in! Very nice guys running the session here, they even gave me a minute to cool down ( I ran from my parking spot) in my jeans & paisley shirt...for this upscale casual audition, LOL.

It was a 20 second interview type audition asking about the best gift I ever gave a woman. I answered truthfully about a camping first date at a little secret hot-spring in CO. I thought my read went well, maybe a little rushed but real.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Tomorrow I have my first audition through my new commercial agent. Nice! Just 2 weeks after we made the deal & 1 week after I signed ze papers. And it's with CD Judy Elkins whom I have not seen in a while. It's a national for Save-On, playing a "fishing Dad" And interestingly they want us in fishing gear. Time to break out the Sorels & some flannel.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy Birthday young Lipp

Happy Birthday to my little sister. Woohoo! Hope it's a good one Sis.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

dotted line

Went to fill out paperwork at Origin today & got it all done except for the contract. Should be sending it to me soon. I also went down to SAG & got the agent change form when I realized I didn't have both new #'s and addresses on me. So I brought it home to fill out, popped it in the mail & will be bluetoothing it to my phone ASAP.

Trying to get to bed early tonight as tomorrow I work the day job for the first time in 2 weeks. Its always a bitch getting up at 6:15 am when you haven't done it in a while.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Yesterday I accepted Commercial Representation from Origin Talent. Nice! That was one of the meetings I was talking about earlier. I had a good meeting with Janet last week, emailed her a list of CD's who regularly call me in, then dropped off a new reel I put together the following day.(I'm also an Editor if anyone out there needs a reel/film done) Tomorrow I go in to drop off some headshots & a photo CD and sign the papers. I'm looking forward to a great relationship & lots of flowing bookings both here & at Rogers Orion.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Just back from the Chiro, there may be happy spine in my future! Happy spine = more relaxed actor. I turned a friend on to this Doc & (our appointments were close apparently)she left me a note on my car saying she loves her. First I thought it was a ticket, then realized it wasn't, bonus, then saw it was a fun note, double bonus.

Got some "new agent" mailers out yesterday, more going today. I've been fooling around with how I want my database. I'd like to be able to print off all kinds of groups of CD's which I can do from Address Book, but I like how I can search iCal with a CD's name & it shows me all callbacks, auditions, mailers, etc. I need 1 more notch of integration or something. Or perhaps just duplicate info...'notes' Section of address book? I'm up for any feedback on this one. Just not software that rhymes with "golden dog" & I prefer not to get a MS suite. I do have Appleworks (has a database / spreadsheet/ word processor) but it is being phased out & last time I checked did not synch up with Address Book.

Got a direct call to come in & audition for an Industrial Film. That's nice...except it was for a certain controversial church group thing thank you. Good to be asked though. How's that for a positive.

While just looking for a couple Apple links I saw that there is new, cool stuff available today:
This one just might have my name all over it. (pic should be link)

Also, I just received a cmail thanking me for a submission & inviting me to send tape for future projects. That's nice of them (well, I'm pretty sure it's nice, I'll check them out before I send tape of course)

Sunday, September 04, 2005


So I'm out in Hollywood getting my head screwed on tight & get a cmail from actors access. Hmmmm... the callbacks for 3 Sisters were to be today, could this be it? Why didn't they just call? Let's see if I can get online from my phone to the cmail. No luck. That's ok, I can just pop home to check email, after all I'd have to change, etc. If going to the c/b anyway. So I get home and its not the c/b for 3 sisters but a new audition for an Indie film. So that's good news... and I'm not going to be negative about the play a) because we still don't know yet, and 2) I know I went in there & did my job. It felt good, they laughed, liked my stuff, re-directed, liked what I did with that. I can honestly say I feel good about it. And regarding the previous post(nervous, etc) I worked on breathing & relaxing before going in...good stuff.


Yesterday I had the audition for "Three Sisters" I had to admit I was a little nervous. Ive been doing the Chekhov scene study with Bruce for a couple years now & have grown to love this playwright so obviously I wanted to do well. edited for time...more later

Friday, September 02, 2005

New Theatrical Rep

Yesterday I officially accepted Theatrical Representation with Orion Barnes of the brand new
I'm psyched! He was with my old agency & they parted ways a few months back... I also happened to part ways with them ...last Friday. After a few meetings I believe this is the best place for me right now. Action! More news ahead...

Dropped off a stack of pics & res to my new agent this afternoon : )

Notified actors access of my new agency last night, its not in the system yet but I believe it takes a couple days normally.