Friday, August 26, 2005


Now we have some surprises and another meeting or so...Interesting stuff and things I believe.

Got an audition for some Chekhov on the 3rd. Nice! This would be a blast.

Scriptwrights was great last night. Read lead in 2 scripts and supporting in the other 2. Some real good writing and a couple very good roles... I'd love to play 1 in particular.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Did a drop at CD Shiela Manning's place today. Nobody was home but at least I got to see the new location. She said to stop by at the SAG Foundation event, so stop by I shall continue to do.

Got a copy of The Actor's Menu to a local trade publication yesterday. Looks like they'll review it in a couple months. Awesome! It's great to be helping out Bill & Carla, I would not be here in L.A. without them or their class.

Had a couple good phone meetings today, more on that later.[ Something just reminded me to call my buddy Matt (from the Pigs, scroll down)& wish him a happy, so I did]

Went for a hike at Runyon Canyon today. Still ended up with a headache, ah well. It's been nice to get out & hike a lot lately. Above is graffiti that is no longer there. I like it.

Looking forward to the screening of Little Victim on Saturday. Its the latest short from my friends Dean & Brian Ronalds. I've known Dean since Howey's class in Denver(yup, the same teacher from "the Actor's Menu" above) and I did the film A.W.O.L. with them. My pic on this blog is a still from A.W.O.L.

Interested industry folks & friends who would like to come -just click the poster to see a larger version and then email to RSVP.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Auditioned for a Grad film on Thursday. I still do these every once in a while. First time I've been to the Art Institute. I don't think I was what they were looking for. Interestingly, my friend Annette from Bruce's Chekhov scene study was in just before me. It would have been great to read with a Friend whom I connect with well. Ah well at least we got to catch up & I'll be checking out her new show at the Stella Adler.

Friday I had another print audition. At Picture Arts Studio again, same as 2 weeks ago. Its always good to be called back in. It was for rugged yachting type men...perfect if you dig deep enough to find my Philly blue blood roots.

Wrap party for Time Capsule is cancelled for Sat. That's to bad, I believe the director, Levi got a gig though so good for him. Instead I'll be attending a play at Sacred Fools.

Alright, I never intended this blog to be some dopey movie review thing but on Tuesday I went to a screening of "Crash . Holy shit! Go. Also I went to a SAG Foundation screening of "The Baxter" followed by a Q&A with writer/director/actor Michael Showalter. Its always great to see fellow actors making their own stuff come alive.

Got a few more "just wrapped" mailers sent out yesterday to some CD's that regularly call me in. Always like getting those out, always more to do. Also had dinner with a friend/mentor & worked on a few connections to follow up on. More on that later but it should be good stuff!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Saw "Remember the Titans" tonight. I really liked it. Good story, great period (1971 is really the end of the 60's) Really great message, believable acting in a very large cast...great casting. Inspiring film. Saw a not quite as good John Favreau film last night. Equally inspiring though, in an Indie-I-got-this-story-and-I'm-gettin-it-out-there way.

I submitted for a Chekhov play Thursday, no call so far, might re-submit as I really want to read for this one. Been wanting to do a Chekhov play since I've been studying with Bruce Katzman, almost 2 years now. hmmm... I better check, it may be longer. OK, No checking needed its been over 2. Time to do some Chekhov! Or even Ibsen...maybe Shakespeare. Good. Done, I'm throwin it out to the universe.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Was picking up some coffee in Larchmont & saw Henry Winkler yesterday. Not a big deal, I wouldn't even mention it except for the synchronicity of hearing Brian Grazer (giving an excellent interview) on Charlie Rose last night. I like the way he thinks, he's curious. He was there for the "full hour" & talked about everything from his start, with Ron on "Night Shift" in 1979 to "Arrested Development" today. Both of these have Henry in them... I don't know, I like interesting coincidences. Plus he's making "The Davinci Code, if he does that well maybe I'll start to forgive him for doing a Jersey film in Canada.

Monday, August 08, 2005


Had an audition today for a Scion industrial with CD Jeff Hightower. Luckily my friend Cricket just purchased one of these refrigerators on wheels so I knew how to pronounce it. (like "Zion" with an "s") I think it went pretty well although I'm not sure I was what they were looking for, especially with the scruff face that I was "saving" for something else. On my way there I noticed the address & thought "Just north of Olympic, oh, why didn't they just say Westside?" Then after taking quite a while to park(luckily I was early but that made the "30 minutes only" spaces even more of a no-go. What's up with that? And there were only 4 auditions going on, ugh) I marched into 2050 S Bundy & soon realized I was in the wrong spot. Sure enough, I glanced at my notes & the address was "19 something" , which somehow my head thought meant drive to a new parking spot. So after walking about a 1/2 mile to my car, I drove 1/4 quarter mile north to my new spot, then walked 1/8th of a mile to 1990 S Bundy. Still on time, heh heh.

After the audition I went back ( a quick walk across the street) to Westside for drops. The piles were looking bigger than ever but I dropped a few anyway since its been a while & I was just feeling it.

My acting teacher from Denver, Bill Howey, has written an acting book called "The Actor's Menu" and I just found out my copy is on its way. Nice! I can't wait to read this book plus it's nice to feel special getting stuff before the general public does. Bill taught here in L.A. for a long time, at a highly esteemed school before moving to Denver. I was lucky enough to stumble upon his class there & would not be here in L.A. without it. (more on this class later)

Sunday, August 07, 2005


On Thursday I got to go to Scriptwrights (actors & writers weekly group) for the first time in 4 weeks. It was good to be back, see the folks & read some great stuff. I'll link to our website once its up. Had to miss the HHH/TalentPimp event deal. And I had to miss a screening of "Asylum" ...although I missed this one because it happened on Wednesday, except on my iCal. Oops.

I did not get the Print gig from tues, but it was a fun audition & nice group of gals down there. Perhaps they'll keep me in mind.

Got together a few mailers to CD's from referrals & sent them out Friday. I still have a bunch more "just wrapped" cards to go out. Always feels good to have stuff going out. It's time to pick up the drops a bit too.

Had to miss Blacklist Union last night, I was kinda wiped out with a headache. Really looking forward to seeing them soon though. Marie said it was rockin! Next time. I love the Rock, especially when friends are providing it, just cant fully enjoy with the thumpy temples.

Just got back from seeing my buddy Barnaby do standup at Miceli's (I'm feeling very link-y tonight) He was good. More polished than I expected, way to go Barnibus! It was an audience voting competition to move on to the next round kind of deal. He got robbed, but, at least 2 of the 4 who moved on deserved it so it was not a completely horrendous robbing. And, thankfully, there was not a ton of sucking tonight. Anyone who sees friend's comedy shows knows how that can go. Also it gave me a hankerin' put together a set & get up there. Haven't felt that in a while.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Had an audition for a SAG Ultra Low Budget(one of the new contracts, yes it pays) feature tonight with Bonnie Gillespie. I got to read twice because they were low on Dads. Its nice to read a second time sometimes. I tried to change it up a little on that second one, as one should. Between the two I think they saw much of what I wanted to do with this guy, which is all you can ask. We shall see. Have a print audition tomorrow. Last print job booked straight from the picture(nice) and I lost the gig due to some agent confusion(not as nice). This time there's an audition, in Pasadena. Action. And I'll be nice & loose from physical therapy.

Saw the SAG Foundation screening of "Secuestro Express" last night. Good yet brutally honest movie. I didn't realize how bad things were there. Mia Maestro & director Jonathan Jakubowicz spoke afterward. It was great to hear them and ...Mia is quite beautiful.