Wednesday, April 13, 2011

12 of 12 April 2011

The 12 of 12 is a photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. This month I hiked & did some other random stuff.

 - Low light morning view: faux fireplace headboard.

 - The daily view crossing Western.

 - Mr. Lizard at Runyon. Seeing lots of these little guys lately. Sometimes they do pushups.

 - Last year it seemed like every '12 was on an audition day, this year it seems to be on a hike day.

 - That guy. Most of these shots have a lot of guesswork, in that I barely stopped, had sweaty eyes and glare on iPhone. (setting up for big excuse on bonus pic)

 - I like these shots playing with levels/distance. This one came out better than the daisy(?) above.

 - Everything is in bloom with all the rain this year, really beautiful.

 - The view up the back stairs, which I believe you can see in a previous '12 of mine. And I know you can see it in the DVD extras of "The Graves" as I shot my audition tape cruising up these stairs, the hallway, etc.!

 - Driving to class...know the corner?

 - In the hallway, lots of HS memories came back my first time here. I like this shot.

 - There was a display of Diorama Art in the hall case, this was one of a few really cool ones. See, Keep The Arts In Schools! 

 - OK, here is the unfortunate finger shot that may have been my favorite- up the dead tree(cactus) with plastic bag of doom blowing in the fluffy clouds. I even sustained a decent leg-wound from the cactus spear.