Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blue light Special

Aw yeah, went in on a K-Mart spot for CD Joe Blake today. Quick & easy, lots of kids running around in costumes, not enough Mom's to go around so I traded lines with the session runner & a mike stand. This is a fun job. And I successfully hauled ass across town to make it there on time...ish. OK, 15 mins past my time but no worries. Although I rarely show up late so I had a couple worries...but not much, really.

Then I got to hang with a bunch of great friends tonight. Not a bad day.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

OW, Aaahhhh......

Silver lining found for myself & fellow migraine sufferers.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well, I just found out a check is in the mail (hopefully, let's stay positive) that I've been getting dicked around on. And another check, which everyone has been cool about over at the UCB, for my part in Wild Girls Gone Is nearing completionation & sendage. Yes, those could be words. I'm curious to see how singing on the soundtrack will pan out.

I've got a nice commercial audition for tomorrow. Same company that is running a spot I auditioned for a couple months back & thought I did well on ...but didn't call back. So when I book this one it will boot that one & run for 5 years. It's good to have goals. I also had a bunch of auditions & callbacks last week that didn't amount to diddly dick. Bunch of interesting stories in there but I just think we're past it. Onward.

The Ibsen crew (I guess I can call us a cast, it might be to early) met for the 2nd time & we dug into the beginning of the play & some great script analysis. I think we're on to something here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

plus one

Since Julie cracked whip on my parade and rained on my ass. Here's a bonus pic, 1 day later. Well it's not a bonus but rather makes it a neat dozen. This one was for this (or a similar?) project in November. It's at my awesome chiropractor, Dr. Bosten's, office.

12 of 12

I got this from Bon, who got it from Chad. I tried to do it once but it never happened. Cool idea so here we go.
OK, I took this one at 2:30 AM after finally finding a parking spot. Notice the sun shade in place in prep for a hot Monday. I knew there was no way I was going to be up at 7:00 for the bonus pic so this is my substitute. And I was already feeling like crap & had to call out for the day job. Ow, but potential for less boring pics.
10:00 am-ish Mornin' coffee. Sleep & meds were working then add the java & ahhhh... Email Chad to tell him I'm in & find out I have a last minute audition if I can make it. Day's lookin up!
Audition is for GMC at Danny Goldman's and it goes really well. OK, it was a super shortie where he asked each of 6 of us a quick question. But at the end he had us sing a song about crack pipes & heart attacks I started on the way in, while tape was still rolling. Fun. Feelin' good.
12:30pm Fuck. My anal self even checked the signs on the way in " hmmm, Monday street cleaning ...cool, it's Thursday or something". No wonder I got the rock star parking spot. If you've been there you know how close this is:
12:32 pm There ya go. OK, I still made great time & was feeling pretty good so since Darryl IM'd during morning coffee about a hike with him & the kid, I thought I'd try to catch him.
2:00pm There we are at the top of Runyon Canyon. Notice the higher resolution. We used Darryl's phone cam & bluetoothed it to mine. Also the pic got reversed during the transfer, can you read his hat? Can you find the Hollywood sign? Click for a larger image for a little help. Then we hung with his wife Kat, Daughter Lula...
2:30pm ...(here's the acid version)...
2:31pm ...and his bird. Birdy is very friendly & is in both of the above pics. And Lula is so cute and a bundle of energy - as she should be - we were having so much fun & she is actually talking up a storm now.
3:00pm Here's birdy & I going Neanderthal as I get a little carrion picked from my teeth. Went home, had some lunch, rested up & felt OK to go to Scriptwrights(website back in limbo).
6:15pm Here's the crappiest picture ever of one of the most famous corners ever: Hollywood & Vine.
6:50pm This is Elsa In the lobby of our space, the Two Roads Theatre (can't find their site quickly & I need sleep!) You can see Deb avoiding the camera & ducking into the space.
10:30pm I stopped for a few groceries at Pavilions on the way home. It was freakin packed this late, wtf? Found out it's triple coupons till tomorrow!

This was fun. I hope I didn't break the rules to badly.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Speaking of good tunes

If you rock, and ONLY if you rock, you may watch this

Now, if you were not lying, you should be craving more
...and so you shall have this

You Are So Beautiful

R.I.P. Billy Preston, the 5th Beatle.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Toe back in

Just got back from a TV audition. Sweet! first one in 2006. I was just talking about this void in my auditioning schedule yesterday with the Uke & my cousin Val (the other acting Lippincott) Also we talked about moving forward & taking action (creating your own work, etc.) rather than bumming on the couch & eating pie. I do love pie, even though I have to cut back if I want my new & improved giant gut to recede.

Back to the audition, it was for the new Fox series Vanished, with Cami Patton of Lieberman/Patton casting. I played a police sergeant with 1 line (I got no problem with that) and it's possibly a recurring role(nice!). Now it's off to the next one, a grad student film with a budget. It must be the season for these as I have 3 this week.

And then we have the staged reading of "A Patch Of Earth" by Kitty Felde, directed by Richard Tatum, tonight at the Arc. It starts at 7:30 & is free & a real good story if you'd like to check it out.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Saddle up

Got 2, possibly 3 new locations to check out, better sound equipment & some extra lighting stuff all from sitting down to an impromptu casual dinner with my DP & a couple friends tonight. It turned into a mini production meeting with more decisions about wardrobe, lighting, best use of our Steadicam, etc. I'm quite psyched. The key(ok, a key) to making this no-budget-odd-little-short work is high production value and wicked valuable team of creative friends. And it looks like were headed in that direction. Oh, plus we should try not to suck.

Missed a UCLA grad film audition today. I don't like missing any auditions but this one was unavoidable. Happily, it did turn out to be a great day.