Wednesday, November 23, 2005

more Gold

Back in to read for Danny Goldman. This time for Buick crooning a tune for Tiger Woods. It was a little tough on their tiny 1 note at a time Casio, even crappier than my 3 note at a time Casio that I practiced on. heh heh. And the spot was originally written for a guitarist, D'oh! Ah well, I almost decided to switch to the "non musical other copy" but said screw that & just belted out a fun Improv song, pushing the voice over the "piano".

These are my first 2 times in with Danny since he critiqued my headshot in the last BSW photography Issue.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


They tried to assimilate me again last night. Resistance was futile. OK, my semi-geek is showing but man resistance has been pretty fucking futile lately. And the picture is great. I was ready to tell my tech that you have to be close with my crummy phone cam, might want to get my face ... and he just locks me in with all the full gear, backs up, boom.

post link?

ok. How the hell do I link to another post in this Blog if it is not in the top 10 over on the right over there ? -------------->

I've been through the prefs , what am I missing?

p.s. sorry about the "f" up there Mom. Let's just call it a blanket apology for this whole deal. That'll keep it cleaner. Well, not so much cleaner as smoother. I'll try to keep it to A minimum. You know I love ya!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Live from New York...

...It's Saturday Night! And so goes Don Pardo's voice in my head as I order
a burrito, standing next to original SNL cast member Garrett Morris. I didn't want to interrupt his lunch with his friend but then they followed me right out to the table next to me (damn stalkers) so I asked for a quick crappy-phone-cam pic. Thanks Garrett!

Interestingly, I'm typing this just after watching the Weekend Update segment of SNL with Amy Poehler . I had a small part in a scene with Amy in the film Wild Girls Gone, where we all end up dancing to a song sung by myself & 4 or 5 others (hey, I'm on an "original soundtrack recording", cool) And just last month I got a call from UCB central saying there was going to be some sort of action with this film. See? So some sorta degree of separation cosmic good time happened.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Huh? That's what I said. It's a depression medication and I have an audition to talk about it on a golf course with Mick Dowd's office. Not quite Tampons while riding a horse but not bad!

I still want to catch up a little more, maybe later today.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Audition for Danny Goldman tomorrow. Been waiting a while to get back in this office. It's for ...I'll be an Insurance guy, doing various non-insurance-guy-tasks. Sweet.

Oops Catch up

So I guess this happens, you go a while without hitting the 'ol Blog, then you want to catch up, but you want to do it right, and you want to go back & fill in some stuff you missed before, then you think about it some more, than your head hurts, then you make run on sentences with a lot of commas and finally decide to just start typing and here we are.