Saturday, April 28, 2007


My scantily clad look:

My scantily clad Scene partner:

Terrific actor & all around great gal, Annie Wood.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More 'Beast press

The following reviews have just come in from "Aint it Cool News" and "Movie Pulse". And the first one mentions yours truly! (well, my character):

Ain't It Cool

Movie Pulse

Also there are a few reviews popping up on IMDB. I can't wait to see this film!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Showcase showdown

It's going well & you can still come check it out. If you are 'non-industry' it's space available. So grab your favorite CD, Manager, Agent or Producer & come on down!

cricket feet casting ACTORS SHOWCASE
April 23, 24 and 26, 2007 - 8pm - FREE
Promenade Playhouse, Santa Monica

produced by: Bonnie Gillespie
directed by: Richard Tatum

presenting: Alex Collins - Alice Ensor - Amy Crofoot - Annie Wood - Ben Hanfling - Bill Lippincott - Brian Baldini - Christina Diaz - Cory Rouse - Debbie Campbell - Eitan Loewenstein - Erin-Lee Adamson - Jameelah McMillan - Jodi Shilling - Jon Bradford - Josh Callahan - Julie Meyer - Kacey Camp - Ker'in Hayden - Kurt Ela - Melanie Cruz - Michael Osborne - Michael Proctor - Michele Karpel - Regan Kirwin - Renee Scott - Reuben Sears - Robyn Moran - Shelley Delayne - Shon Little - Stephen Moffatt - Tara Sands - Tracy Eliott - Tracy Ging - Zach Hanks
A fast-paced, professionally directed, comedic showcase of 35 carefully screened and appropriately cast actors in just over an hour. Did we mention that we've chosen a location where free parking is a breeze? And that we're rolling out yummy munchies and adult beverages after the show? Awesome, right? Yeah. We thought so too.
Three chances to see it:
Monday, April 23 - Tuesday, April 24 - Thursday, April 26
8 pm - FREE

Promenade Playhouse - 1404-8 Third Street Promenade - Santa Monica, CA 90401
directions/venue info:
reservations/showcase info:

Industry RSVP: 310.856.9855 or
Non-Industry friends and family on space-available basis or send me a message and ask about coming to the final dress rehearsal!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

People Try

Todays Happy video:

*Note, you must watch all the way through. You will thank me.

Friday, April 20, 2007

New 'Beast news

It's from a series of interviews with folks from Netherbeast Incorporated during the premier weekend at Dallas AFI Film Festival. Wish I coulda been there.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

more gas

Callback today for the PG&E spot at Leslie Rhoades. That was fast, although I knew CB's were for Saturday(today) I kind of thought we would get the call last night. Nope. I was working elsewhere but the Leslie & the crew at All Rhoades casting (thank you gals!) were able to fit me in there at the end of the session & boy did I just make it! Killer beach traffic in Santa Monica had me finally parking 3 blocks away & hauling ass on foot to make it by literally 10 seconds. (edit '08: welcome googlers )

Friday, April 13, 2007

12 of 12 April 07

The 12 of 12 is a fun project started by a guy named Chad(click link) that I try to do every month. Three months back I promised that it was the last time I would be using my inferior T610 phone cam....that didn't happen yet, tune in next month. Here's my cobbled together, non-time stamped, weak 12 on the 13th:

3 Auditions today pictured here as emails from my awesome commercial agent.

The doorway to 2601 Ocean Park, another casting office right next to 2701 Ocean Park (crazy, huh?) where I auditioned at Joe Blake for Wendy's Today. I was there 55 minutes- about the longest you can be without getting paid. It's cool though, Joe runs a great office & calls me in a lot. Life is good.

Flowers just west of 2601 entrance.

Free pastry! Nice, however I did not partake. Snapped on the way back to my car after auditioning at Leslie Rhodes for PG&E. It went quick & easy in the room (as did the Wendy's) however I did do some more waiting around. This time it was because I showed up early AND had to go feed the meter. I love this office though, It is very open with beautiful hardwoods, nice lighting fixtures a breeze & other stuff that makes you happy. Plus I had a nice little chat with another CD in the office.

To continue the doorway motif, this is at the end of my hall, next to the stairway, looking out the front hall/window.

My friends awesome little daughter. They are moving to Nashville soon. I will miss them. One positive is that I can see them when I visit my Pops in Tenn this summer!

Here is a lovely relish tray I helped prepare for an employee leaving at the part-time day job. Food does not look so tasty with the T-610 cam.

The entryway to 2701 Ocean Park casting. My program, Preview, will not let me spin this thing & save it. There is still a ghost in the machine of some sort. Ugh. May have to do that re-install sooner rather than later.

Hey this is one of those '1 out of 20' from my phone cam that look great. It's the stairway in Tim's building. We were scouting locations to shoot my short Saft , that I had to put on hold last year, and if I don't put this stairwell in the film it will be in another.

A spiny tree nut just down from the flowers just down from 2601 just down from 2701 where I was. Have you figured out that I did not take any pics at my first audition which was Jimmy Dean for Spot casting. This one felt really good. And I knew a ton of folks milling around at 200 S Labrea and even saw a couple of them at the next location & 1 guy at all three. I love this job.

Crappy framing of Universals office globey-sign taken while making a left on ...Colorado I believe.

Heres some Emergen-C in an H2O solution in my lovely Subaru. The Bonus pick this month was supposed to be from the random word generator. My word was 'spoil' and this reminded me of the slight stank bottled water can get sitting in your car for a couple of days(although this mornings concoction was fresh & lovely).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Times A Lady

3 commercial auditions scheduled for tomorrow & had a nice one yesterday at Ross Lacy for Citibank. Also I just got back from an Indie film audition that went well. Couple folks I've worked with before are directing & producing. Always feels good in a room like that.

Also, I think my local Honda spot may have been upgraded a little bit!

12 of 12 comin...