Sunday, July 31, 2005


Wrapped "Time Capsule" today. A few scenes with "my" truck & the family up in Gorman CA. I always forget how beautiful the desert is and how quickly you can get to it here. Even when its 800 billion degrees with no air conditioning in the "Loyale With cheese" (my Subaru 4x4 wagon that's showing its age a bit) After a slowish start , including the Loyale not starting at our 1/2 way point for a painful 20 mins or so, the day went pretty well. Tech stuff on a couple of my shots went well. After they wrapped me I thought of one thing I might have added to a scene although I was assured they "got it". So I'll trust ....and hope I don't look like a tool.
How 'bout that happenin name patch? [pause for blog error, sometimes posted pics don't go where you want them and shit gets erased kind of interrupting the flow of things] There will be some better pics, this was just a quickie with my phone.

Got to do a little editing favor for my Texas buddy Jeff today. He brought the wrong firewire cable but we found another in the nick of time. I'm happy we found that cable as I already have a pro rated favor of his GL2 for my next short. Karma bank...or something.

ROCK! Queen is back together for a small tour, with Paul Rodgers (Bad Co, Free) very exciting. I broke down & ordered some tix this morning from evil Ticketmaster. Decent seats & I even browsed Ebay for a bit thinking about upgrading to excellent seats. Now that I've seen the set list(s) from the European leg of the tour I'm just a tad less excited. Only a tad, really, but perhaps the tad that will keep me from digging deep for first 20 rows. I'd like a little more metal & a little less GaGa. Still psyched though, oh yeah.

Talked marketing with a few fellas on set & my buddy Joe (I'll have to ask if he wants a link here... still wondering about that kind of stuff) tonight and yesterday. Somewhere in there I used the word beholden & was asked if I was from the 40's. heh heh. Want to type more but I'm tired (and I'm really not sure I'll go back & add to posts or not, hmmm)

Saturday, July 30, 2005


In 6 plus years in L.A. I have not done any background work. I did some in Denver(that's another story or two) OK, now I have to take that back - I've done very little background work. Last year I volunteered to do some on an Indie, with a bunch of friends, to help out another friend. And I was sort-of fangled into a featured extra role that I thought was a non speaking small part in a post graduate fellowship film.

Lately though I've submitted to a few featured extra roles on LAcasting and Actors Access. I guess I just figured why not, I could use the extra cash, it contributes to SAG Pension & Health and its good to be on set. Of course after a day or 2 of this, if it ever happens, my mind may change right back. heh heh we shall see but I'm really not clicking on many of these.

So yesterday I get called for a day of work on a feature because of an open call I went to after submitting for "Cab Driver" .Well the cabbie got dumped but they asked if I would be in another small scene. I had to say no as I'll be shooting the highway scene for "Time Capsule" on Sunday and that's when they wanted me. Quality problem. Even on a smaller scale work begets work.

Good actor's day went well. The 1st audition was for an angry blue-collar Dad and I think it went well. The courtroom scene was quick & clean...funny to watch the kid doing his scene(s) with his mom eventually bribing him with jelly beans to stay still just for a few more seconds. Many of us thought that would be a good way to run my scene as well, heh heh.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


go by quickly when you don't blog them.
On Friday, 22nd we had a pick-up day on "Time capsule" to shoot the court scene, lost the location & moved on to the field scene. Turns out I was not really needed and was spared 4-5 hours of bad traffic, thank you producers! I found out today I had a body double who took a couple lumps for me. My Physical Therapist & I will be sure to thank this guy!

Were going to pick up the courtroom scene on Thursday at a new location. Then I've got an audition for an Animated Feature in Santa Monica with Heidi Klein. Motion capture work, I've never auditioned for this before but it sounds fun. Also I just got a call for a Grad Thesis Film Audition Tues morning before the shoot. Stacking up to be a good actors-day.

Then I'll round it out by seeing The Birds: A Tail of Ornithic Proportions staring my friends Hal, Maria & Kim from the Spyants with an old buddy who's in town for the weekend.

I'm never sure how many names to mention or links to post. And do you ever get permission? Folks will probably laugh at that, go ahead, then tell me what you do.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Carl Judas

First day of shooting on "Time Capsule" today. I dont want to give anything away, so I wont. The shooting schedule got shuffled a little due to natural lighting concerns, etc. And we ended up digging right in to one of the heaviest scenes. I cant wait to post some pictures, trust me you will dig them. more on this later

Had to cancel a Voice class through the SAG Foundation with teacher Michael Daniels tonight. Thats the second time I've had to cancel this particular event. I'm bummed I missed it again but not that much because I was working. Thats what we like to call a quality problem.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

not today

Got to an audition for a feature today, an updated version of "Jekyll & Hyde" and as I arrived they were taping up the cancelled sign on the door. Production emergency, might get you in tomorrow. OK. (pause for blog weirdness) Then ran into Scott Vance & got to chat for a while. I read the lead for the staged reading of his film "Crossing the Bridge". Hope to work with him again sometime.

Firefox seems to be working better for this Blog however I had to come back to Safari to edit...hmmm.
Update wed morning: upgraded to Firefox 1.06 (from 1.05) This release came fast so I'm guessing there was a large bug filling in forms.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

CAT scratch fever

Here I am about to be assimilated and/or probed.And the Doc calls today & says I passed with flying colors. That's good news. I've been taking care of a few aches & pains that were a little overdue. Less pain>more centered>better me>good for life and auditions.

Submitted for a Shakespeare play today. I'd like the challenge of getting a monologue up to speed in a short time period right now. I'm ready for a play.

Missed Scriptwrights tonight to help out a friend. I hate missing it 2 weeks in a row. And I'll probably be absent next week due to shooting my first day of "Time Capsule". Quality problem right there. And Karma is a good thing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Texas chick

Welcome back & Happy b-day & a few congrats at Dan Tana's last night. Good times with a bunch of creative type friends.


As an actor, I really don't like reality shows. As a hypocrite, I watch a couple of them. And I do think most of them suck. And they do take jobs from actors. And of course here's the "but". The show "Rock Star INXS" is going to have me glued to the set. Its a reality show but with music , and not shitty music or even mediocre music but ROCK. Who knows, it could start sucking but last night I really enjoyed it.

Monday, July 11, 2005


SAG series with CD Shiela Manning. Really great stuff, much I've heard before and much I needed to hear again. Her office is moving in a week and She is in my sights now more than ever.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


What the hell, I just typed up 3 posts, my longest yet & It is gone. Crap. Well, I was wondering about how much to put in this Blog & how much to leave out. For instance, the title "FBI" is now burned forever as a heading(title? topic?) And someday, most likely, I'll have a more exciting reason to post an FBI post. See?

Auditioned today for "FBI Guy #1" , had a real long story about the audition that I cant quite repeat now because its bedtime but I didn't think part of my read was the greatest and they asked me to stick around & read for the lead. Always happens like that. Hopefully I thought I sucked enough that I will book it. heh heh.

The other thing was that I booked a print job for Monday but it got snached away almost as quickly as I booked it. May have been communication problem. No worries, Monday will now hold something greater.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Theatre audition

With Casting Director & Author Bonnie Gillespie. If you haven't read her books you should. Click that link for the brand new one! I always have fun & do good work with Bonnie and more often than not get a callback. We'll see how this one goes. She's partially responsible for getting me started with this blog and is a general inspiration all around.

Missed the theatre group (pigs) rehearsal last night to hit a surprise party for a good friend. What a blast! I just snarfed down a few leftovers. And I'll be doing a monologue at the Pigs next week.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Sent out a bunch of "just booked" mailers today to film & TV CD's. I like chopping pics to different sizes & mailing them in different ways. Good action.
The booking is an independant short called "Time Capsule". I play an alcoholic big-rig driver who ends up quite bloody. Funny right? I'm getting a lot of "art imitating life, eh " ...not quite, I've never driven a big-rig before. I am looking forward to what looks to be a great supporting role.

New contracts

I spoke with SAG this morning about some requirements of the new contracts, they were pretty helpful. The Student & Short Film agreements are the only deferred ones now. I have high hopes for this new Short Contract.