Thursday, May 25, 2006


Man this week picked up like crazy. Three auditions today, 2 of them were the same audition (more later...I swear...I mean it this time) And 2 more tomorrow morning. Just gotta love my agent Janet & her assistants at Origin!


Debra McCarthy said...

Hey Bro!

Got yer submission!

While I believe you were PERFECT for the role of the stripper I think you may be a little too young for Grandma. But, thanks for trying! I admire your drive and ambition! Keep truckin'!!!


See ya soon!


Julie said...

Hey Bill -- does Origin have a voiceover department? I'm hunting for an agent and they seem to be doing really well for you!


Lipp said...

Deb - I guess I'll have to settle for the stripper then. At least It'll make me feel young & dirty.

Julie - Not a specific dept. for VO. I love them commercially though.

Debra McCarthy said...