Friday, October 13, 2006


I have two thousand four hundred and thirtyfour songs on my iTunes.

30 seconds after I IM'd my fellow creative/geek buddy Paul these words: "Holy crap, it's raining" (you see, it just never rains here, so that is quite enough news to barge in on a conversation about digital receivers & voice recording on my new, relatively inexpensive, video iPod ...if I get one) The classic Cream song "Let it Rain" pops up from iTunes' 'shuffle' & starts playing. Sweet.

Great song. Great rain. I love it when it rains here it's peaceful (if you're not on the road)... plus L.A. can always use a good douching. Clean city, happy city. Wow, thunder too now, that really never happens

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NiNi said...

I would feel absolutely lost without our good thunderstorms. They used to scare me when I was little, but now I love them so!

Wow, quite an impressive music collection!