Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 of 12 June 07

The 12 of 12 is a fun project started by a guy named Chad(click link) that I try to do every month. It always seems to sneak up on me.

10:30 AM - Cam was still in "negative" mode, oops. These are some folks crossing Ocean Park blvd. I'm on my way to audition with Joe Blake for Pizza Hut.

11:50 AM - This sign says we're at a callback. Huh? It's always nice to go straight to callback but I think this one was for another spot later. It was great to see Caroline, who I shot my Honda spot with in Feb. I also saw my good friend Vicki, her son & the lovely Rebecca.

12:05 PM - We had to agree to eat meat & cheese Pizza for the audition and to prove it, we ate some! Being the 3rd group in made our slices still hot, yeah!

1:00 PM - Back home with 2nd cup of coffee, a delicious latte in my well used Chef mug, a Christmas present from Kim & Dawnia.

4:00 PM - Whats this, a script in my seat?

4:30 PM - Driving to our meeting at the Franklin location looking kind of cyborg ...or L.A. ...or dork, or something.

5:00 PM - Hey it's Jeff Linnartz, I bet he would make a great producer/DP.

5:05 PM - There were tons of great flowers up the hill from Tim's place. This is a last second crappy pic of a part of them.

5:35 PM - Apple time at the Korean Market.

5:36 PM - All the Korean ladies were going nuts for these white cherries last week & they are in stock again this week. Oh my god are these tasty... the ladies are never wrong.

6:30 PM - Here's another view out my office window for those of you keeping track. That is the top floor & roof of the giant condo (they are done going up). Due to the walls it is getting less loud & my sanity is improving. Previous views here, here & here.

8:03 PM - Since I'm 1 pic short here's my awesome partner Annie Wood & myself backstage after the Cricket Feet Showcase last month. I'm a sponsor again (as an Editor) this round.


Bego said...

I think the apples look coo1.

Elaine said...

Was it regular Pizza Hut pizza at least? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Ewww for pizza hut. :( I'm spoiled to hand-made NYC pizza!

Lipp said...

Bego - I agree, the produce section is always visually as well as taste- buddily stimulating.

Elaine - regular? I think so, just pepperoni.

Beth - Thanks!As a Jersey boy, I'm completely with you on the "eww" pizza factor. There are 1 or 2 places here in LA that have good pie. However I'll never turn down a hot slice, especially when it could lead to a gig!

catie said...

Which K-town market do you go to?

I like the Korean BBQ on the corner of Wilton and Wilshire.

Lipp said...

Catie - I usually go to the one under the mall on Western & San Marino. And I have not tried the BBQ on Wilton yet but I will, thanks!