Monday, August 20, 2007

Dead guy

So I had my 1st audition through the new manager today. It was at Lieberman Patton casting for the new show "Pushing Daises". I was playing a dead guy who comes back to life with a touch from the lead character (the premise of the show). It seemed to go alright, we did it once, got a redirect & fired it off again with changes. I've been to this office half a dozen times in the last two years, a booking is imminent!

A few days ago I was thinking about the dry spell thats been happening. I'm somewhat used to it theatrically (that's one thing this new Mgr. is meant to change... ok the main thing) but commercially it's a bit unusual. So after a little slight self indulgent actor moping I got into action & put together a bunch of mailers to send out & waltzed them down to the little Korean post office around the corner. I always feel good walking back from that little post office, knowing that my face will be on a few more desks around town in no time.

And when I got back there was this new type of email waiting for me, from my Manager, asking if I can make this audition. Why yes I can, thank you.

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