Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 of 12 December 2007

The 12 of 12 is a fun project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. It always seems to sneak up on me. I had fun.

8:21 AM - Morning stretch... no, I can't touch them most of the time with knees locked. I'm workin on it.

8:27 AM - The coffee steeps (thats what it does in a french press, right?) in the company of friends.

9:05 AM - Little Sis sent back her 'pod for me to put tunes on. Can you read the inscription? It's the same one I gave Older Sis, whose happy birthday it is today.

11:04 AM - Finishing up my contribution to SMFA3 - Demo Reels, I've cut a million of 'em. Due out in Feb '08!

2:11 PM - Driving to the UCB Theatre behind this low budget mattress delivery. I like how it looked.

2:35 PM - My wheelchair in the trunk. I'm loaning it back to Bill & Eric for their "Red Sandwich" Xmas show Thursday night. You should check it out, it's directed by a big time comedy guy Bob who held the door for me & the chair on the way in.

3:15 PM - I never stop at these. Today, thanks to 12 of 12 I walked past, turned around, dropped in a buck & asked to take a pic. Happyfuntime

3:35 PM - The sky looked great today. I like the blue and the architecture of the church and the trees.
3:35:30 PM - Similarly inspired as above. Its nice how 12 of 12 has me looking with photographers eye much of the day. So much learning & goodness!

7:15 PM - Believe it or not, that light blob in the middle of pic is a huge raccoon in a neighborhood in Hollywood.

7:16 PM - Bonus word/pic for this month is "Believe", which is really what you need to do to see the raccoon in this pic. Try clicking for larger.

7:32 PM - In Clem's living room getting ready for the reading of my buddie Matt's new Play.

9:11 PM - I'm leaving a little's ok, my character, Miguel has been killed by act 2.

(post script - I just realized when you click these pics they get huge because my replacement phone was still on stock settings. D'oh! It is now switched back)


Linda said...

Fun pics! A raccoon in the city - there's something you don't see everyday!

Susan said...

good luck on that toe touching. I do it in the shower every morning. I think I am at my loosest there!

Joni said...

Actually, I believe that I heard that the Boyd Tire Man was attacked by a raccoon during the night.

Thanks for the comment on my blog cousin Bill. (Since you are Bonnie's 'brother' that makes you my cousin :-))

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Ah...sun would be nice. Not this rain/sleet stuff we have going on that's making everything slippery. :( Ah well. :) Tis the season I suppose!

Anonymous said...

Great 12. This was my first.

I saw a truck filled with mattresses, too.

ChristinaA said...

Hi, thanks for the comments. I liked your 12 of 12. Here's the recipe for the Puppy Chow.
Melt 6oz chocolate chips
Add 1/4 cup peanut butter (I add a bit more so add to your liking)
Stir in 6 cups Chexmix cereal or Rice Chex and Corn Chex.
Once mixed add 2 cups powdered sugar. All done!

The Ralphie set was a gift but we've seen it at Suncoast.

Have a nice Christmas!

Dogeared said...

I'd be disappointed if I couldn't touch my toes, given I'm meant to be "young" (something happened at 26 and now I feel old!).

So I'm guessing the red thing was a charity collection but for what?

Its nice how 12 of 12 has me looking with photographers eye much of the day. So much learning & goodness!

Too true. And I find myself looking for more interesting things, and more interesting ways to photo things!

Helen, 12 of 12er (Dogeared)

Himmel og Fjord said...

I can easyli touch my toes - and the floor too :o)
Merry Christmas to you!