Sunday, January 13, 2008

12 of 12 January 08

The 12 of 12 is a fun project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. As it tends to often do, this month it snuck up on me...and I've been super busy. So here is a cobbled together 12 on the 13th. As a punishment for my lateness I will give you only the last 12 pics on my phone, in order, with no skipping around for better shots.

Dec 25th 7 pm - My Cousin Val's odd pictionary drawing, when I remember what it is I will post....and that will be what makes it more funnier.

Dec 25th 7:50 pm - Said Cousin celebrating getting 5 out of 5. Must have something to do with the Lippincott luck.

Dec 25th 830pm - Another Cousin, this time of our gracious hostess. (squeezing the cam button at odd angles may cause fuzziness).

Dec 25th 9 pm - This doggy is very fun & has only 3 legs. He moves around really well. Really.

Dec 31st 3:30 pm - X-mas tree graveyard near a part time job. Poor little fellas. If I ever do a tree(s) again, it will be live ones to plant later.

Dec 31st 4:50 pm - Putting in a new battery in front of AutoZone JUST in the nick of time. It registered dead on their meter, was barely cranking at start up, but I still never needed a jump start! It's the simple pleasures. This pic was originally going to go in a post about recent manly DIY work on my car including a brake job taught by Jeff (see him a couple pics down).

Jan 3rd 9:40 pm - Liz, Morgan & Steve (r-l) on a break in Howey's class. Such a good class.

Jan 4th 3:20 pm - In the parking garage at SAG with my signatory packet! The goal is to produce one short every four months minimum in '08. (low light pixilates the phone cam as well)

Jan 10th 6:40 pm - My awesome parking spot in the 4th St. garage in Santa Monica, on the way to an audition with All Rhoades Casting. Kind of an inside running joke with my past & future scene partner & pal, Annie.

Today! 11:13 am - Jeff across the breakfast table. Actually not a bad pic considering it was taken directly into the sun. Sort of an experiment. A half hour before this shot I noticed dolphins surfing/playing in some big waves and right when I nudged Jeff to look 1 jumped (swam? flipped?) straight up into the air out of the wave. So beautiful...I'll try to google a similar looking pic since I unfortunately did not have the phone cam ready at the time.

Today 11:14 am - Self portrait with coffee at beach. What more do you need?

Today 11:15 am - Murph drops in for a 3 man version of the self portrait.

OK, there's no more 'bonus pic' in '08, instead we are picking a theme. I think mine would be something like 'turning the corner' or 'late bonehead' or 'out with the old, in with the new'...


Kayte said...

Thanks for stopping by my 12 of 12! Hopefully you remember sooner next month and are able to enjoy the project :)

Bonnie said...

I was like, "WOW! You got soooo much done in one day... this is CRAZY!" And then I went back and noticed the dates. LOL

Looks like you spotted the Mighty TicTac in the Santa Monica parking garage! ;) Heeeeee!

Elaine said...

Like Bonnie, I thought you were crazy busy on Saturday! But that's what I get for not reading the intro... :)

Scooter said...

Coffee on the beach??? That's heaven!

Susan said...

I think this was sufficient penance!! I will have to remember it myself in case I ever forget.

Lipp said...

Kayte - Thank you too, and I'm still having fun.

Bon, Elaine - A couple of those days were's been nutty.and Bon - I KNEW IT, you've been stalking me all along : )

Scooter - You got that right!

Susan - Lol, yes, please remember in case you forget. Penance paid, I feel good.