Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12 of 12 March 08

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. Lately these have been nearly my only posts. Fear not, those looking for acting news, new posts coming this week.

7:47 AM - Very early, ouch but thats what the part time help-pay-the-rent-job requires. Todays a 1/2 day of new training.

7:48 AM - There were no airplanes overhead, how 'bout a shiny firetruck next to me at the light?

7:56 AM - Walking from street parking I passed a big ass truck with this front plate.

11:26 AM - No cameras allowed at this job, so here is a pic of the building(s) just after work. And as a bonus, I'm standing right next to that rockin' skull license plate.

11:35 AM - Nothin to see here...just keepin the Doctor away.

11:38 -AM - See that white sign with the red letters under the bridge? Thats the "Nud Nude Nude!" bar near the airport, come on! You know the one! I think I was actually in there once, long before I lived in LA, maybe 18 years ago...can't quite be sure on this one. This has got to be a record for # of '12 pics taken before noon.

12:54 PM - My monthly 12 of 12 audition! This time it was at 200 S. La Brea, for Time Warner with Spot Casting. Yes that is my original Pretenders vinyl, it was needed for my stupid human trick
4:00 PM - After my phone charged up again. Here's a collage of boots & inserts. I'm gearing up the equipment for a day or 2 of skiing and also trying to get the new running shoes just right. The latter is proving to be a pain in the ass, I may have bought a 1/2 size to large.

6:33 PM - Couch, tube, say no more...kinda lame but I guess I've checked the TV shot off my inevitable '12 list.

7:15 PM - "Ethical Pharmacy" is what you can't see on the 2 blurry lit signs. I love that name, I really believe their pills won't kill me, don't you? Maybe I'll get a non-while-driving daytime shot someday.

9:30 PM - What is it? Strands of DNA, Delicious snack, Spider web?

9:31 PM - It was indeed (b) Delicious grape type snack uh, husk. Exoskeleton? Dirty stem? That's it for this month. Stay tuned for acting updates, including some on-set shots. [edit] I think there may be an unintended theme here: reflection...or maybe distortion? Click the Skull to see about a dozen.


Bellacantare said...

Awesome the skull shot. Thanks for commenting on my little blog; I heart new commentors.

Liz said...

Hee, the original Pretenders vinyl. Awesome. :)

Lisa B said...

I used to listen to the Pretenders, but I think my brother got the album, anyhow it was good. Hope your audition went well.

Poun said...

It looks like you had a full day !!

Hope the audition went well !
Love the skull lincense plate !!!

Dogeared said...

Hope the auditions went well, Bill! That photo of you with the Pretenders LP made me think "He looks like he could be in loads of TV shows" - the kind of guy who could be a forensic expert in CSI or someone in Bones or like Law and Order or something. Dunno why those popped into my head!

Helen (Devon, 12er)

Lipp said...

Bellacantare - Thanks. Cross posting/seeing others pics on the 13th is always fun.

Liz & Lisa - You got that right! I still have about 400 records & love them. And there was some theft between my sisters & myself ; )

Poun & Bella - Yeah, I think the quickly taken skull might be the best shot.

Helen, Poun & Lisa - Thanks. It did go well, I went to the callback yesterday. Send good vibes & we shall see!

Helen - Thanks! I audition occasionally for shows & roles like that...workin on getting more!

Erin O'Brien said...

Love the whiskers.