Saturday, April 12, 2008

12 of 12 April 08

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. Since we can't take pictures at the part time job and I spaced taking early AM pics, I got a late start. And since I'll be wiped out after seeing Of Mice & Men tonight at Theatre Banshee featuring my buddy PJ, this month's theme is 'outdoors between work & home'.

2:02 PM - The metal lattice pyramid between the towers at the part time job.

2:03 PM - Looking skyward from same location.

2:03:30 PM - Just behind me, same location again.

2:04 PM - Fire nozzles, gauges, pipes & such in the parking garage stairwell. I like this pic, very Willy Wonka or Seuss-like.

2:10 PM - The standard 'Driving with a blue shirt' shot. Although today I did not have my usual '12 of 12 audition'! Almost though, as I had to cancel one.

2:20 PM - On the 110 N. enjoying the shade (about 20 degrees cooler) and the oddly satisfying feel of the car pool lane overhead.

2:25 PM - Trying for a good Downtown Skyline shot....ehh...

2:29 PM - This is the loft building that lives in the loop of the 10 west off ramp of the 110 north. I always wonder how loud it is to live here. Not the greatest pic (hey, I was driving fast in a big loop!) but check out the CHP officer caught in the mirror, kinda cool! (click to enlarge)

2:40 PM - Goal was to capture the Hollywood sign. North on Western just past Olympic (my hood).

2:40:10 PM - This one has a bit of a old-time-Vegas feel to it. Zooming in with the Pearl phone cam adds to that effect I think.

2:41 PM - My building's south side. On the top right you can make out the built in porch/gazebo dealy where we just might be filming the last day of SAFT.

2:43 PM - And finally, another angle on the front side of my bulding. You can almost make out the tip of gazebo behind the palm tree.

Thats it, feel free to click around (especially the previous post with the youtube trailer!) & we'll see you next month.


Linda said...

Great pics!

Lisa B said...

Great pics Bill, I like pyramids a lot and the picture in the garage stairwell is really good.

Joni said...

Hi Cousin Bill - It wouldn't be 12 of 12 without the standard "Bill driving in a blue shirt" shot. :-) Also loved the close up of the flower and the skyward shot of the buildings. Hope all is going well.

Lipp said...

Thanks Ladies!

Lisa - Feel free to steal the pyramid shot. I like the stairwell best this month too.

Joni - I wish the flower were more in focus. And I agree, architecture makes for good pics.

Zippy said...

The pyramid is cool - where is that?

Scooter said...

Sometimes, I really miss LA...especially the weather! But not the traffic. I think the 5 backs up all the way up here in Seattle.