Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 of 12 June 08

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. I think my theme is to always have a 'cheat' pic.

10:08 AM - Running lines for class tonight.

10:08 AM - While listening to Stern & having delicious coffee in Barnaby's Jets mug (sacrilege!)

10:16 AM - Just ordered my tickets to "Anvil The Story Of Anvil" at LA Film Fest. This is an EXCELLENT film (directed by a friend) that now has distribution! And this showing has a special concert afterward that is going to rock! Check the site for trailer or come to the show.

12:07 PM - Inspired to hit the SG for a minute or two.

3:06 PM - Still reworking my Mac after a partial drive failure. I did not lose much (possibly nothing) and was back up & editing swiftly... thank god.

4:24 PM - Cherry Art.

4:26 PM - The effin' card company effed up my account so I get to make fun customer service calls.

6:02 PM - My R P McMurphy clothes for class...yup, that scene!

Look, it's Bob & John in a crappy West Hollywood 24 hour diner...guess which one?

10:53 PM - Refreshed fruit basket, earned through a 25 person line at Pavillions.

Cheat - last week - Look it's Elliot, DP for a narrative music video I did, Derelict. Whats he shooting now...

Cheat - last week - ...well it's Lauren Adams, shooting her new music video for the song "Smart Girl"


Lisa B said...

great pics, the cherry art one definitely makes you look twice!

Susan said...

okay......I think I know how you did the cherry picture....have you ever seen Spoon and Cherry Bridge (or the other way around) in Minnesota?!?! LOVE that sculpture! great 12 of 12!

Poun said...

ahah great cherry art ! I'll do that too if I think of it !
Good you didn't lost much (or possibly nothing) with your drive failure !

Dogeared said...

Interesting photo with the cherry art! And ouch - a 25 person queue for fruit? You are dedicated ;-)

Frances Uku said...

oh my lipp, you have always been such an indie rocker. i look forward to doing some festivals with you one day! xx

Lipp said...

Poun Dog & Susan - Thanks, the cherry was a spur of the moment shot while looking left from the 'ol computer.

Ukes - Yup! Rocker all the way. And of course I would love to hit some festivals with you...lets make a film!

Hal said...

I second (or third...or whatever) the motion on the cherry pic. Very cool, Lipp!