Saturday, July 12, 2008

12 of 12 July 08

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. This Month I decided to quickly(10 or 12 mins) take a bunch of pics at this church in Hollywood(can you guess which one?). Then I weeded out a few, including the standard self portrait, to leave you with these:

01:53 PM - Courtyard looking out & up towards front.

01:54 PM - Rectory(?) office doors in courtyard.

01:54 PM - Bird bath in courtyard.

01:55 PM - Flowers below, and pedestal of bird bath.

01:55 PM - Main doors to sanctuary from courtyard.

01:56 PM - I love the mix of Palm & Dr. Seuss trees here in L.A. From the steps looking east.

01:57 PM - Mixed shrubs out front.

01:58 PM - Yellow flowers in the shrub party.

01:59 PM - Front of church from lawn near steps with a nice 'gothic' angle.

01:59 PM - Menu of salvation, amongst foliage .

01:03 PM - Cool water fountain, back in courtyard, dedicated to the memory of a fine parishioner born 1890 died 1978. The drinky part is just out of frame, up top.

01:05 PM - CU Stained glass on side door to sanctuary in courtyard. Doesn't it seem to spell out something?

Thanks for taking a look. Yes, I've still been slack about regular blogging, I think I will, though really only about acting & film making stuff.


Joni said...

I really love your entry this month.

Oh, and I was in LA for about 30 minutes on Thursday - how come I didn't see you?

Pete said...

The gothic angle makes it look very imposing!! Nice photos Bill.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Bill. Looks like you had nice weather in LA :)

Lisa B said...

Bill, great pics, I wonder if churches and graves was a sort of subconscious theme this month? I like the gothic angle shot very much and it is great to see sunshine!

Zippy said...

Thanks for the hug, Bill! I love that you did your 12 on just one subject. You got a lot of interesting shots. I may just try that one month...

Dogeared said...

Nice Gothic angle on the Church! Sunny as always in LA - how I envy you sometimes! (I think I managed to keep this typo free, but I'm 2/3 down a bottle of red wine, after having had a cold which means I'm not 100% lol). Hope auditions are treating you well!

Poun said...

Lots of churches indeed ! You've got some gorgeous shots there !

Martini Dan said...

Cool photos. Churches and gardens are great things to look at.

Paksen said...

The doors and the drinking fountain are my favorites. I'm not familiar with a Dr.Seuss tree.
Thanks for sharing your pics.

Paksen - Denver, CO