Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 of 12 May 09

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. This month I took 12 pictures in about 10 mins. on the way to the Korean market. Was going to take them along my run but it was canceled due to an exciting migraine.

-Where is your stand pipe dude? Well it's right behind this palm tree out front.

-Looking straight up, just outside the front door.

-Across the street is an historic building that looks like it lives in Germany.

-Lacy white flowery stuff in the front garden, can't recall the name of it but it looks like snowy pines in Colorado.

-Paint drippings from the occasional tagging cover up (so douchey, remember when graffiti was art?) and a butt.

-Life through a palm. Just missed the sunset, D'oh!

-That's my corner, can you see the real me?

-The new cookie cutter condo 1/2 a block long has a colorful flower bed.

-I wish more dog owners would heed the call. It makes me angry when I run, I could go on... but how 'bout some gratitude for the good owners instead.

-A couple other neighbors and the blimp...see it? I always wanted to name an Improv team "La Bertha" that was comprised of all residents of my place. We used to have a ton here, down about 1/2.

-Wanted to get a better angle on Mr. Snail but was afraid he'd go inside (& light was fading).

-Bonus pic I took while down at Twisted filling out a leftover form.


Joni said...

What - no photo of you in the car with the blue shirt? I miss those.

TJ said...

Nice photos, I really liked #4 and #8. Thanks for sharing...

Chris said...

You mean ... graffiti ISN'T art anymore? I've so got to call some people!

Nice 12!!

Zippy said...

Groovin on the snail. He's heading off to an escargot dish near you. And yes, where is the obligatory you in a blue shirt in the car shot?

Scooter said...

What amazing photos you take. You find the most amazing angles and interesting subjects. Thanks for sharing your day with us.