Monday, September 13, 2010

12 of 12 September 2010

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. This month I took 12 shots throughout my day, like you're supposed to (for once).

 - Warhol breakfast.

 - Beach parking, painted pole, congrats Mr. tagger, you're famous.

 - Single bird. Our friend, the Gull.

 - Flock-o-birds. I love how these guys scamper up & down the edge of the water.

 - Nature's art.

 - Man's mess? Driving south.

 - At Jeff's place, doing a little file transferring.

 - 'Tis the season...Steelers 1 & 0

 - Annie & Peter celebrate 1 year, with secret friends peeking in. Also this month's self portrait.

 - Jimbo rocked some acoustic, we harmonized a little Bowie, then I had to run.

 - Forgot to grab a pic at the script reading, so here it is on my breakfast table as I drive away.

 - In the parking garage at Ralphs, I did not bump my head.


lovesmukiwa said...

Great Photos, I would love to be at the beach!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Isn't nature the best artist? Lucky are the ones who can appreciate those "chef-d'oeuvres"!

It looks like you had a great day!

Thank's for sharing!

Jill said...

Ohhh, your beach looks so soft... so nice to walk in bare feet. New York beaches are very stony. :(

I can't help but think of the movie "Finding Nemo" when I see a bunch of Gulls.... "Mine? Mine? Mine?"

TJ said...

Nice 12 of 12. I really like the single gull. Thanks for sharing your day...

Lipp said...

Thanks all,
Mukiwa - It's been a great, mild summer!

Lucrecia - I agree!

Jill - A little south in Jersey you'll find some soft sand, and September is my favorite month there.

TJ - I like the gull as well, been experimenting with the zoom a bit on the new phone-cam.