Tuesday, November 22, 2005

post link?

ok. How the hell do I link to another post in this Blog if it is not in the top 10 over on the right over there ? -------------->

I've been through the prefs , what am I missing?

p.s. sorry about the "f" up there Mom. Let's just call it a blanket apology for this whole deal. That'll keep it cleaner. Well, not so much cleaner as smoother. I'll try to keep it to A minimum. You know I love ya!


Bonnie said...

Best tip for all happy blogging: go to a blog that does it the way you want to do it, choose "view source" and steal their code.

Looks to me, though, like all you have to do is add links to the LINKS section that's between "about me" and "previous posts" in your template. Need help with that?


Lipp said...

Yeah, I might need help with that. I tried to do it with prefs. with no luck. But I certainly can go into my template & see if I see what you mean.