Saturday, February 11, 2006


I think I avoid posting late because I don't want to do a quickie, so here's a quickie.

Audition at Mick Dowd today. He's called me in a bunch lately which is great and I'm hoping to do a callback worthy job. They had me waiting right by the inner door so when the guy before me exited I heard the mysterious intercom voice* ask him to come in for a callback tomorrow, just before they bring me in. My first read was good, they liked it. It was also a rehearsal. The next one I didn't think was as good because my voice cracked a bit. Next one I think I was in my head. Hey, I know, it probably wasn't as bad as I thought, and ya gotta leave that shit in the room & start thinking about the next one. Move on. But then you would have nothing for 'ol bloggy tonight. Oh, and I didn't hear the voice after my read. But I was able to get across town to a theatre audition. It was fine. Tomorrow I go for in another USC thesis film and catch you up on the shoot & last weeks auditions.

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