Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Something seems to be happening at USC and I'm not talkin about football (because I'm a Penn State Alum, Go Lions!) I booked another film there. This time it's a Grad 16mm black & white non synch sound (I believe) short called "Number One". I play a rumpled store clerk. In the last one I was kind of a rumpled hero. Can you see this rumpled trend ? It's definitely part of my type.

Did some work on my reel today (I'm an editor, if you're lookin) and it looks good but I cant wait to add the new stuff. I made some calls so hopefully this new stuff will come in sooner rather than later.

Had a general today with G Charles Wright who casts "That '70s Show" among other things. I think it went well...hard to tell sometimes, and not worth dwelling on. We had a nice chat & then I read some sides. He gives good direction & I felt very comfortable asking him questions. Cool guy and his associate Carolyn Wilson was nice as well. I found out we have some similar interests that we didn't get to talk about. Next time. Thanks to my friend Frannie on this one.

Did a bunch of drops while I was on the lot(CBS Radford) which always feels good. I had a good plan of attack & most folks were very helpful.

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