Wednesday, April 26, 2006

SAGIndie Diversity in Casting Ad

I just booked a small, yet interesting print job. As my title indicates it's for SAGindie and their Diversity in Casting program. I'll be the pasty 1950's white guy in the back with my pasty 1950's wife as all the colors of the rainbow dance & sing & enjoy in front of us. Or something like that. Sounds fun. I'll be able to use some of the many slim ties I have from my grandfathers collection.

The other interesting part is that just yesterday I signed up for another SAGindie seminar (see below) and I'm about to start shooting my short, Saft, under the SAG Short Film Agreement. Click that link to see how easy it is to make your Film legal.


NiNi said...


Frances Uku said...

Oh my, congrats! I'm so proud of having forwarded the breakdown to you - I'll look forward to seeing your pasty white facsimile around 5757 Wilshire very soon!

Lipp said...

Thanks Ladies! Turns out I wont be 50's style but still quite pasty.