Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Time Capsule Premier

A film I did last August, Time Capsule, got into Its first festival: Robert Townsend's Rebel Planet Film Festival. It will be showing this Sat. at 11am & 9pm which will also be its world premier, heh heh. It's $10 to see this & 2 other films, a "block", and you can click on the Fest link for more info. *note it's a little hard to navigate the site, look for the tiny red arrows on the right. I'll be there for the nighttime screening & watching at least 2 other shorts. That's kinda cool, too - this fest is all shorts. Good to see what other filmmakers are up to. By the way, I should warn anyone who wants to come that my big scene was cut from this thing. I'm still in it, just not much. But my friend Mike is one of the leads & a co-producer & my friend/former improv teammate Dave is in it as well.

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