Monday, August 21, 2006


Back again today to the offices of Lieberman Patton casting for a role on the new series "Vanished". I was right for the role & think the audition went alright. I may have felt just a tad funky by skipping breakfast... or maybe it was the fact that as I walked out there was YET ANOTHER F'n parking ticket. So I learned something for next time. Which was a little later at Maryclaire Sweeters for a Sweedish clothing commercial. I left this one in the room & came out smiling and there was no ticket. All is well.


Anonymous said...

What part were you up for? I just saw the pilot.


Lipp said...

Hi Jackie
I was reading for a part that involved transportation. Did you read for this one too?

Anonymous said...

I wish. No, I just watched the show and wondered what you were up for.