Saturday, August 05, 2006

Booked a Feature

It's A comedy/horror brought to you by the Ronalds Brothers, the same creative team that hired this guy for the 2003 Vietnam short A.W.O.L. I'll be sharing one of my scenes with Robert Wagner, how cool is that? What do you think the chances are of that clip ending up on my reel? I'll give you a hint, it's just above 99%. I'll be playing historical figure, Alexander Graham Bell.

Don't think I've done that before. more on this later tonight...I swear ...I just have to do some more overdue editing (yes, yours) ... <8/4/6> ok, i didn't catch up yet...i think i must need to stop promosing that.


Elizabeth said...


I have to share, however, that I sure am glad that some facial hair styles have gone out of fashion these days!


Hope Dangling said...

Judd Nelson? Dave Foley? Daryl Hammond??? You go girl. I

Lipp said...

Liz: Yes, however there was a gross accumlation of body hair everywhere in those I think everyone is happier now ; )

Hope: Thanks, & I can assure you that my mutton chops & I are all man.