Friday, December 01, 2006


Had an audition for a film called "The Morgue" today. Got some terrific feedback after I did my bit & I think this guy is right up my alley. Or one of my alleys anyway.

Also had that callback with Gabrielle Schary for the smoking PSA today. A fun director that gave a lot of direction that I believe I followed well ...although I did think of another choice 3 hours later in the car. heh heh, who knows, leave it in the room & onto the next one.

This wraps up a pretty good week of action! Oh, they also called me into the day job last minute for tomorrow which is great & which I accepted. It'll offset the day I had to miss last week.
And, I nearly forgot, I'm an official sponsor for Hollywood Happy Hour! I donated one free & a couple discounted editing sessions for drawing/door prizes. I was at (I believe) the 2nd ever HHH which was before Bonnie was even casting...seems like so long ago...yet only yesterday...or some other cliches. Bon has been a Pal ever since & I even contributed to her latest book SMFA2 as an actor/editor in the section on demo reels. For all of the above I am grateful.

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