Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It seems I've been a little negligent in my 12 Days of Gratitude. That's OK, I have a few posts ready to go & will fill them in tomorrow. Lots to be grateful for today. Only 4 days after saying goodbye to my trusty Loyale with cheese, the brakes go out on the Diamante. This is especially troubling since I spent 600 on a full brake job last year and it was parked for about 5 or 6 months as I drove the Loyale. And while they could get my brakes working today, they could not do it for free since it's been over 6 months (parked or not). Oh, and I needed rotors again as well.

So as I'm walking from lunch at the amazing Bay Cities Deli & looking to kill a little time on the promenade, I pass a massage store & remind myself I really want "one of those back things". So I walk around a bit (Mario's is gone!), visit my friend Marc who manages at Broadway Deli and remember to stop at the back place. They only have the 'fake' Theracanes & refer me to another shop up on Wilshire. So I pick up the Diamante, enjoy the ability to stop again & cruise over to "Acology" where the extremely cool staff up sell me to the Backbuddy
throw in a 10% discount & give me some free "Cozy Rings". These are acupressure rings that go on your fingers and/or toes to help relieve/remove pain. Something is working. I fell in love with the Backbuddy, just as I did with it's cousin the Theracane up in Winter Park last year. You can really feel it loosening up the muscles, however I have no idea if it was one or both things that helped the headache go away today but it did. Gratitude.

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