Friday, January 12, 2007

12 of 12 January

The 12 of 12 is a fun project started by a guy named Chad(click link) that I try to do every month. This will be the last time I use the crummy camera on my Sony-Ericson T610. I do like this phone, one reason is that the pics are so bad that they become more artistic sometimes. Really. I do look forward to the new one though, tune in next month!

8:21am - There's nothing like morning coffee in a favorite mug. This one is from the N.S.C.D. where I taught skiing for 8 years. And yes, it's hilarious. It's also recently been crazy glued back together (handle) so I have it back after a long hiatus.

9:30am - After some stretching, exercise and coffee I loosen up with the godsend known as the Bodybackbuddy.

9:35am - Anything to help the gut.

10:00am - I'm cheating. This is a pic, live via satellite, of some of the incredible snow Denver's been having.

12:00pm - Take apart my Hoover to get to the broken belt. See it on the left? This vac was given to me by my friend and fellow actor Bill, who also used to be my neighbor AND is currently in town performing, teaching, pilot-seasoning.

12:45pm - More cheating. This was mere moments after purchasing my new car Monday. Woohoo!

1:04pm - There's just something about taking something apart & then going to get the stuff to fix it.

1:06pm - Around 30 belts in stock ...none for me. Ah well, comes with the territory. It is available online though.

2:42pm - A healthy almond, free of any salt, oil, MSG or other shit ...topped with a little cream cheese. It's healthy-ish!

3:41pm - Leaning against the back of my new ride. More on that later

7:48pm - The outdoor "lobby" of The Theatre District where I went to see my friends Alice & Amy in a production of "1 to 10".

Bonus - This month's bonus pic was "something new" and, boy do I have something! My new super cool 2001 Subaru Legacy L that's what! This one is a 3rd cheat for me today. It is the actual model but not my actual car. Mine has spiffy tinted windows.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! And cheating's col. :P I did it myself...totally reversed the whole "something new as bonus pic" thing. :)

bon said...

New. Car. So, cool, brother Bill! Can't wait to hear more.

Meg said...

Nice pictures! I love the mug. One of my friends went skiing for the first time today with the Maine Adaptive Ski program, which I would imagine to be a bit like your program. And congrats on the new car. I'm so jealous!

Zippy said...

Holy frijole, Batman! What in god's name is that back thingy?? What could you possibly do to your back with that? (do I want to know???)

Nice ride, Bill.


Abby said...

Dang, look at all that snow in Denver. I wish we could get heaps like that here in our mountains (cuz I snowboard hehe)...but they are comparing the snow we have now to Colorado's, so I guess that's good enough.

Cool pics, even if it is taken w/ a crummy camera hehe.

Til' next month!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! :) The kids had fun doing the pictures...even if they looked like blood splatter analysis before I put the back paint brushes in their hands. LOL. And yeah...those chips are AWESOME! And the, I'm not working there...I went the first time to see Julianne. And loved it. And went back...and back...and back..and back. I know I'm seeing it the last performance on April 1. Probably a couple more times too. :)

K said...

Nice pictures! I know exactly what you mean about the favorite coffee mug. Coffee isn't as good unless it's out of my favorite mug.

~Sheryl said...

Hi Bill, sorry to hear about the vacuum.. been there done that. If the belt thing doesn't work out let me know, I have an extra vacuum. Don't get too excited, I'm not offering the Dyson. hehehe

Nice 12 of 12, thanks for stopping by.

Lipp said...

Beth - Thanks, having partners in crime always feels good.

Bon - Full car post coming, plus you'll get a ride one day soon, I'm sure.

Meg - That mug still cracks me up...that somebody let it 'slip through' might be the best part. And congrats to your friend on their 1st ski adventure!