Sunday, January 08, 2006


I'm getting a gut. It's happened before & never gets past the point where it is now but it kinda sucks. See, I never do the " I gained through the holidays" thing, except for this year. Well, and maybe some year I don't remember to well. But it sucks because this time I think it's only partially (I dunno, 1/2, 1/2 sounds good) my fault, partially the fault of some meds & the fact that I had to give up running months ago. I'm tired of typing the word "partially". Probably because I'm still in a bit of a grease coma from all the pizza I crammed down today watching the Steelers give a beating to cinci.

Had a good day yesterday. Right in the middle of it was an interesting hit-man audition. Heard a bunch of guys screaming in there before me, I played it less-screamy. A lot less. I also got asked to be in a (slightly paid) staged reading from someone I auditioned for 2 years ago . Cool. Oh, and the first rehearsal is really more like an audition then the winners stay & rehearse. OK, not quite as cool but still worth checking out.

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