Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12 of 12 Feb 08

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month.

8:30 AM - Krusty the Clown wishes you a good morning. His 'good/evil' switch is turned to 'good'.

9:05 AM - Printing out sides (script) for todays audition with Casting Director Arlie Day.

10:12 AM - Listening to a little Stern with cup o Joe #3 or so.

12:40 PM - On my way back from the audition. I seem to always have an audition on 12 of 12 day. And I always seem to forget to get pics AT the audition...probably a good thing...focus.

12:51 PM - Remember this building from last years 12 of 12 of both mine & Bons?

1:08 PM - Outside of Ralphs I spot some purple pansies. That phrase would have made me chuckle in school.

1:58 PM - The beautius interior of my little individual garage. Plenty of locker storage and first aid available to all...unfortunately these lockers are DEEP & keep me from closing the big door...which does not work right anyway. Management is a little slow on the 'ol fix-it.

2:18 PM - Adolescent sugary guilty indulgence that stays crunchy even after milk. Guess? (and I mix it with plain puffed rice/corn. Semi healthy?)

6:00 PM - At $2.93 the gas at my local Mobile is way cheaper than any I've seen around town.

7:18 PM - Arriving at the 4 Seasons to have dinner and visit with the cousins. Fancy & delicious.

7:34 PM - A very crappy photo of the gang. (lighting was tough in here)

9:21 PM - Here's a slightly better one of cousins Margaret & Bill. We had a terrific time & my steak was tremendous. This lighting is just killing me with the Pearl cam & I'll take it under advisement & try to adjust when possible. Although I do kind of like how my corner in Koreatown looks just like the 4 Seasons entrance, heh heh.


Poun said...

Krusty the Clown is awesome !!! lol
Great shot with the purple pansies ;-)

and to answer your questions on my blog :
"What is your flowerpower car?"
--> I have flower stickers on my car, a fake flower on the dash, and 2 flower cushions on the back seat...this explain the FlowerPower car ;-P !

"Was that needle left in you & fell out at home?"
--> No the needle wasn't left in me don't worry, I went to my physiotherapist who did some acupuncture on my knee since it was hurting me, and at the end of the session he gave me the needles back so I could bring them next time (something about already having those planted in your skin better than new ones each time !), the needle must have felt from my bag (it was supposed to be in a tissue...)

Anyway, how did the audition went ?

techiegurl said...

heee.crusty!! I should find this and get it for my brother!
I am so jealous of the California weather!! I go to CA for a TWO week vacation and it rains for like 10 days..then I leave and it is sunny and warm...then it snows on me here in NJ..so unfair!! *pouts*

Joni said...

Nice 12 of 12. Any day that starts with Good Krusty the Clown is a good day.

But I must know, why was I not invited to the cousin outing at the 4 Seasons? I mean, since my cousin Bonnie calls you her brother, that should make you and I cousins? Right?? And seriously, I'm ready to trade in some of my other cousins for a better model.

Hibe said...

Purple pansies? ...you could always go with violet violas. Your right though... purple pansies is worth more of a chukle.

Lisa B said...

Well I'm glad Krusty the clown was switched to good for the day. Hope your audition went well.

Scooter said...

What a great way to begin your post, Go Krusty!
You look like Anderson Cooper in your car photo. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Lipp said...

Poun - Thanks for the explanation, I thought maybe it was a Hybrid or something. And I'm glad you're not walkin around with dangling needles!

Poun & Lisa b. - The audition flowed nicely, no word so far though. I'll keep ya posted.

Techie - Indeed a tough & unusual break when an LA vacation is all slop. We have nothing to bitch about out here.

Joni - Well I guess we are cousins then!...uhm...I was a guest at dinner though.

Hibe - Chuckling gets me through life!

Scooter - I feel more like DB Cooper but thanks.

All - Krusty loves you, hey HEY!

Dogeared said...

Seeing that Krusty photo first scared the crap out of me!

Funny how your auditions always fall on 12 days!

Helen (Dogeared)

Allison said...

Yeah, Krusty scares me a little too. Haha! Anyway -- hey, that's Captain Crunch!! Oh man, I do not allow myself to eat kiddie-like cereal anymore because I'll wind up eating 3 or 4 bowls over the course of the evening but YUM!

Zippy said...

Damn! Krusty is one scary mo-fo! I would hate to see him in evil mode....

Looks like you had a busy day - good vibes on the audition!