Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9 of 12...

I missed the 12 of 12 for the 2nd month in a row. So here's a cobbled together 9 or 10 with great hope to hit it next month. The 12th was the day I flew out to Phoenix to film "Netherbeast Incorporated"
10:00 am or so - Flying Southwest out of Burbank on day 2 of increased security/no liquid rule. I gave myself 2.5 extra hours and had the absolute shortest time between my place and the gate of departure ever. Funny stuff. Although doing what airlines suggested did give me a slight advantage in time with no checked bags & early check-in from home. I even ended up hopping on a flight that left 2 hours earlier for only 20 bucks. I was in the terminal about 25 mins total. This is my lovely middle seat between a married couple who refused to sit together and had lots of newspapers and iPod's and food and all kinds of other shit floppin' all over the place.
10:15 am - Here are the lovely long-yellow-Hobbit-like-uncleaned-since 1975- toenails of the husband of said couple.
10:48 am - Gross toes aside, I still munched on a couple bags of nuts since the early arrival negated my planned breakfast in the Terminal.
12:00 noon - ish - Check it out! My first ever movie "driver with my name on a card waiting for me" ever! Nice. I believe I said "hold it right there for a second dude".
1:48 pm - Actor/Producer Brian Ronalds & Director/Producer Dean Matthew Ronalds on the "office" part of the set they had built from scratch.
2:00 pm - The winner out of 3 or 4 choices of oldy timey man-beard I tried on. Applied by the lovely & professional Sheryl Ptak. Killer pic with my co-star here, in the Gallery.
2:40 am - OK, this was actually a little earlier. It's Director Dean and me with my own 2 week beard, moments before Sheryl shaved it. (it's nice to have somebody do that for you : ) They wanted to see if would work in conjunction with the 'piece did not.
4:00 pm - ok, this was actually the 2 days later around 6 am in (near) full make-up & wardrobe.
9:00 am - On the way to the airport I took this pic of the condom covered building as part of my very own time jumping cross post™ that I started here, and continue by crossing to this post of Bon's, here.


Meg (vedakai) said...

Thanks for the comment on my 12 of 12! I love working in prosthetics. I thought I had to decide between going to school for art or going to school for science, but then I realized with prosthetics, I could do both at the same time (my only other consideration was makeup). Oh, and my mom was not too thrilled about the arm cast.

Nice pics. I love the hair "pieces."

Bonnie said...

Heeeeeee! My brother is such a rockstar. Awesome escort waiting at the airport... heeeeeeeee! And of course you KNOW how much I love the condom-covered building. When are they gonna finish that mess?

XXOO and lots of furry-faced love to ya!

Lipp said...

Thanks Meg. I love how you found a way to combine Art & Science & completely understand it as I am the same way.

Thanks Bon my sis! It was a fun moment indeed.