Saturday, March 25, 2006

Light it

Just emailed my SAG rep to light a fire under his ass, as we used to say back in Jersey. I did light it nicely though. I haven't locked in a shoot date(s) yet but the more ducks I have in a row, the better. I did a third (fourth?) pass on the Saft script this week on breaks at the day job. And there were many as I worked a ton, which is highly unusual. Thankfully my kick ass Commercial Agent got me a nice appointment on my only day off. Although often we can move an appointment to late afternoon & I can do both.

So back to that one audition. It was the super secret one I talked about earlier. I can tell you it was for Apple. I can't tell you that I kicked ass. Yeah, Me, the big Apple /Final Cut Pro / Zealot / half a geek. What can I tell ya, I mean I think the read went ok until the final bit. I don't think I hit the final funny bit the way they & I wanted. Plus I may have been better in the other role but I think that one was younger anyway. Ah well, onward & upward! I'm sure I'll have a geeky booking soon.

I'll be doing another pass on the script today as I put it in Final Draft. Such a cool program, I've been having fun relearning it. And I have to work on some tax stuff, uggh. That's one thing that has been keeping my posts short lately.

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