Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mr. Anderson

Three auditions today. Grad film at AFI, Grad film at USC and a SAG Short with Ava Shevitt and/or her associate Lindsey. I already heard back from the USC gal- No thanks but she's keeping my info. I actually had fun at that one (well, at all of them really) read with three different ladies & it was a small Mall Security role. The other....just a sec.

OK, this is f'd up. I was just looking for the name of CD who was casting the AFI project (it was Angela Campolla) on Actors Access, and the "Video of the Day" on their start page happens to be Katherine O'Connor, the last woman I auditioned with at USC today. This is the 3rd coincidence like this today. Or maybe 4th. One was quite profound but I don't remember it, damnit. Another was reading the words "Cocoa Crispies" just as I heard them on the radio. Weird ...or cool ...I'll take cool.

The Short had me in trenchcoat, fedora, suit & one of my Grandpa's 50 year old thin silk ties. The session runner/director gave me the Hugo Weaving comparison. It happens sometimes with that suit. Yeah, were not that close but I'll take it. This and the AFI thing would both be fun leads.

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