Thursday, March 30, 2006


First audition through my theatrical this year. That feels good, although the wait wasn't to pretty. I saw Craig Colvin over at Coca Laca for a super secret project. That's my second super secret project this year for those of you who are counting. It went pretty well, especially the second read with the adjustments. I do feel I could have done better on 1 slight thing but overall I'm good. Just before that I was at Cathi Carlton for what I believe is a new product. It's a funny spot where things get crazy. It was an all CC day, that's gotta mean something

I just acquired a new DP for Saft, the old one prefers to be camera opp. Which is fine & probably a good idea since he'll be on steadicam, and my awesome DP doesn't mind wearing a couple hats. Man I have to crash, more later. Oh, so far people seem to like the script which means there's a decent chance we won't barrel into suck town.

Edited 6/10/06 for professional courtesy. I have absolutely no problem with that, thanks for letting me know. -Bill

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