Tuesday, June 13, 2006

12 of 12

I got this from Bon, who got it from Chad. I tried to do it once but it never happened. Cool idea so here we go.
OK, I took this one at 2:30 AM after finally finding a parking spot. Notice the sun shade in place in prep for a hot Monday. I knew there was no way I was going to be up at 7:00 for the bonus pic so this is my substitute. And I was already feeling like crap & had to call out for the day job. Ow, but potential for less boring pics.
10:00 am-ish Mornin' coffee. Sleep & meds were working then add the java & ahhhh... Email Chad to tell him I'm in & find out I have a last minute audition if I can make it. Day's lookin up!
Audition is for GMC at Danny Goldman's and it goes really well. OK, it was a super shortie where he asked each of 6 of us a quick question. But at the end he had us sing a song about crack pipes & heart attacks I started on the way in, while tape was still rolling. Fun. Feelin' good.
12:30pm Fuck. My anal self even checked the signs on the way in " hmmm, Monday street cleaning ...cool, it's Thursday or something". No wonder I got the rock star parking spot. If you've been there you know how close this is:
12:32 pm There ya go. OK, I still made great time & was feeling pretty good so since Darryl IM'd during morning coffee about a hike with him & the kid, I thought I'd try to catch him.
2:00pm There we are at the top of Runyon Canyon. Notice the higher resolution. We used Darryl's phone cam & bluetoothed it to mine. Also the pic got reversed during the transfer, can you read his hat? Can you find the Hollywood sign? Click for a larger image for a little help. Then we hung with his wife Kat, Daughter Lula...
2:30pm ...(here's the acid version)...
2:31pm ...and his bird. Birdy is very friendly & is in both of the above pics. And Lula is so cute and a bundle of energy - as she should be - we were having so much fun & she is actually talking up a storm now.
3:00pm Here's birdy & I going Neanderthal as I get a little carrion picked from my teeth. Went home, had some lunch, rested up & felt OK to go to Scriptwrights(website back in limbo).
6:15pm Here's the crappiest picture ever of one of the most famous corners ever: Hollywood & Vine.
6:50pm This is Elsa In the lobby of our space, the Two Roads Theatre (can't find their site quickly & I need sleep!) You can see Deb avoiding the camera & ducking into the space.
10:30pm I stopped for a few groceries at Pavilions on the way home. It was freakin packed this late, wtf? Found out it's triple coupons till tomorrow!

This was fun. I hope I didn't break the rules to badly.


Bonnie said...

You rock!!

I am so glad you did this!

My excuse for no brotherly shoutout is back at my comments thread.

Or will be after I look up what kind of Jamba Juice I want.

Julie said...

I only counted 11 photos...

Hope Dangling said...

I loved this!!! some awesome pics in here...I totally wanted you to bite the bird's head too...DO IT!! hahahaha