Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Toe back in

Just got back from a TV audition. Sweet! first one in 2006. I was just talking about this void in my auditioning schedule yesterday with the Uke & my cousin Val (the other acting Lippincott) Also we talked about moving forward & taking action (creating your own work, etc.) rather than bumming on the couch & eating pie. I do love pie, even though I have to cut back if I want my new & improved giant gut to recede.

Back to the audition, it was for the new Fox series Vanished, with Cami Patton of Lieberman/Patton casting. I played a police sergeant with 1 line (I got no problem with that) and it's possibly a recurring role(nice!). Now it's off to the next one, a grad student film with a budget. It must be the season for these as I have 3 this week.

And then we have the staged reading of "A Patch Of Earth" by Kitty Felde, directed by Richard Tatum, tonight at the Arc. It starts at 7:30 & is free & a real good story if you'd like to check it out.

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