Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well, I just found out a check is in the mail (hopefully, let's stay positive) that I've been getting dicked around on. And another check, which everyone has been cool about over at the UCB, for my part in Wild Girls Gone Is nearing completionation & sendage. Yes, those could be words. I'm curious to see how singing on the soundtrack will pan out.

I've got a nice commercial audition for tomorrow. Same company that is running a spot I auditioned for a couple months back & thought I did well on ...but didn't call back. So when I book this one it will boot that one & run for 5 years. It's good to have goals. I also had a bunch of auditions & callbacks last week that didn't amount to diddly dick. Bunch of interesting stories in there but I just think we're past it. Onward.

The Ibsen crew (I guess I can call us a cast, it might be to early) met for the 2nd time & we dug into the beginning of the play & some great script analysis. I think we're on to something here.

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Denise Perry said...

Hey Bill! It's Denise Perry from Denver! Remember me from Donna Baldwin and the Taco John's shoot? I'd love to catch up - email me: