Thursday, July 27, 2006

There's something fulfilling

about pulling hardware outa your computer, doing all the side jobs that pop up because it's best to do them 'now' even though every 134 seconds you have to wipe your brow or (not too) frantically move your head from above your motherboard lest a drip go where it does not belong ala tom cruise* hanging from those cables in the uber-security room from MI1, then getting it all back up & running a little smoother even though you lost some stuff and a bunch of time. Was that a good sentence? I'm pretty sure I'll find out, heh heh.

Lots of auditions the last couple weeks, hopefully I'll retroBlog about them soon.

*cult member


Susan Jones said...

Don't know about fulfilling but hey!

Hal said...


You really need to stop libeling Tom Cruise. You know darn well he isn't a cult member. Frankly, I think you're jealous of his success, the fact that he has a dish like Katie Holmes, and I also think you're taking too many anti-depressants.

But then again, you're a Steeler fan.

Lipp said...

Thanks susan.

Thats "Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers" to you Perry.