Friday, September 30, 2005

Loyale with Cheese

Wow, I can't believe it. My faithfull car of 12 years, the "Loyale With Cheese" passed smog!
I'm a happy guy... well, for the time being. It's got 183,000 and getting a little tired. Which is why I supplemented it with the Diamante this year. The Diamante is luxurious when it's running properly, and in a straight line, and somewhat quirky/evil when not. I'm investigating the government buyback program for this ride. Then I'll be back to being a 1 car pauper, tooling around in the Loyale with Cheese until a new ride crosses my path.

The Cox audition went alright, interestingly I was in the wrong outfit. Some got the shirt-tie-slacks call while most were in shorts/casual. Oops. No worries though, I learned to let this one go a while ago and as a matter of fact, for one of the best Nationals I've had, the KFC with Jason Alexander, I showed up completely wrong for the audition.

The shoot for "The Overseer" was cool. All stuff on top of a parking garage with a wicked view of the city. Plus we wrapped early due to the Female lead not being able to make it. No worries, we only got the call yesterday plus I have to work early tomorrow.


kristyn said...

A little Mitubishi love on the Diamante......I am working with Mitsu in Anaheim this week. The company is almost bankrupt, so they need a whole lotta love from consumers. :)

Lipp said...

heh heh, well this one is slightly haunted. But Ill send the vibes for continued gigs for ya Burt.