Wednesday, July 12, 2006

12 of 12 July

This is my second 12 of 12. A fun project indeed.

9:00 am - Start the day off with a delicious (medium sized) French Press of coffee. MMmmmm, coffee.

10:40am - Here is the Loyale With cheese with the spiffy new white trash .4 mil plastic & duct tape window treatments. Yeah baby! Now when you hear me comin' with those valves-a-tappin you also get somethin to look at. Never say I don't aim to please.

2:00 last Sat. - Here is an artists rendering of what happened to the loyale with cheese. I think it's a terrific depiction that leaves nothing more to be explained. Artwork by the crafty Moon, with a little help from his lovely wife, Marie. They sent me this about 4 minutes after I discovered the evil mess. 4 minutes. I was pissed for about a tenth of a second then laughed my ass off. Good friends.

10:41am - The silvery retractable double orb sun shade in my winshield kept the temp inside to about 106 farenheit. 10 seconds = forehead drenched. Luckily it cooled down a bit once I got rolling. Off to audition #1.

11:30am - This pic has been up at a casting office for years. Can anyone guess where? Audition was quick & fun.

4:00pm - I'm now coming back from audition #2. It was over at Film Independant. Good & bad. They thought I was "to tough" for the character I auditioned for but they liked my voice & had me read for a larger VO role. **Plus alert viewers may notice a precedent setting time jumping cross post. What? The 101 sign in the above pic is a stones throw from my place and a subject of Bon's 12 of 12 last month.**

4:05pm - Since it was cool in my apartment lobby, I decided to model my extra warm audition wear. Thick flannel, leather jacket, jeans - humor.

4:10pm - This pigeon was in the stairwell of my building right before my floor..Scared the crap out of me.

4:11pm - Here's a better shot. Musta scared him too as he got right out the window quick-like.

8:25pm - This is my VCR recording the 2nd half of Rockstar Supernova (great freakin show) while I jet down to the Korean mall.

8:50pm - Back from said mall with groceries. Most importantly, delicious Ice Cream for fatty. When Dryers PB Cup is $1.75 & all the others are $4.00 consistently for over a year I think its a sign from God. Do I sound like a chick?

10:00pm - I've got 2 auditions tomorrow. Nice! The last time I had 2 in one day through my theatrical was.... well, who cares. Action! This counts as my bonus pic from the random word generator. My word was Industry.

Fellow 12 of 12ers, : thanks for stopping by & feel free to click around.


Bonnie said...


Kick ass at the auditions.

Thanks for the cross-post slash shoutout.


Sorry 'bout the Loyale damage. That sucks hard.

Lovin' ya, bro!

Teena said...

Great pix! Good luck with the auditions!

Come check out my 12 of 12 :)

Hope Dangling said...

i love it when you do 12 of 12. It's my favorite. : ) good luck on yer auditions baby!!

Erin O'Brien said...

What the eff are you doing here, lipp?

Stop effing around!


I am falling. There is orange and crepe paper streamers. Frosting.