Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well I've got 8 credits showing on IMDB now, woohoo! (as Bon would say) In addition to that my starmeter has been rapidly rising since Netherbeast went up. Nearly 200,000 points in a month, click now to keep me rising!

--update 6/4/06 I'm down 10,000. I had a feeling that might happen right after I talk about it. heh heh. Well you can still click away to help the cause--


NiNi said...

Bill! That is SERIOUSLY impressive!!!! Woohoooo is right! [I even added a couple extra "oo's" on the end]. ;o)

Lipp said...

Thanks Nini! I fear it has gone down a bit since then...keep clicking! The goal, of course, is to keep working and the rest will take care of itself. It was fun to go up 200k in one week though.

NiNi said...

Okay, I've clicked again! I'll keep re-visiting and clicking. :D