Monday, May 12, 2008

12 of 12 May 08

The 12 of 12 is a fun photo essay project started by a guy named Chad (click link) that I try to do every month. Lately I've gotten tired of shooting on day-job days, especially since I'm rarely there. Doing lots more Acting & editing these days. So hopefully its not too boring, and I'm going to cheat a little in the beginning here , in honor of "The Graves" starting it's shoot today!

Last Week - I flew down to Phoenix to take care of some pre production stuff for my role as "Dad" (yes, thats my real name) in "The Graves". Thats Dean & Brian posing in front of their office etched glass official placard deal. I made them. Good times.

Last Week - Hey Bill, what the hell you doin? Can't say yet, you're gonna like the pictures when I do though : )

Last Week - The wall-o-final casting. I'm among some good company here. This was just before the cast/director/producer read-through 1 room to the left. Was great that we got to do this.

OK, back to today:

6:29 am - Mornin'. Just waiting for coffee...and forgetting cameras low light fuzzy pixely-ness.

6:32 AM - Making lunch with delicious red leaf lettuce...with low light.

7:15 AM - Bad rolling shot (but good aim!) of a wall with grass growing on it. S La Cienega. So cool. Did I snap one like this before?

7:17 AM - I like the look of all the power lines here - like a 70's documentary on the woes of urban sprawl. Car killed my framing - otherwise great aim.

7:35 AM - I wasted time laughing at this sticker while the light changed! It's the black & yellow blur on the left and it says "caution this bus has the ability to kneel".

3:45 AM - The obligatory driving self portrait, this time green not blue shirt and no audition.

3:52 PM - Ventura Blvd. famous-ish diner joint. That bird just landed as I snapped.

3:54 PM - Using the zoom on the Pearl phone-cam does not help. Back door of the Sportsman's Lodge on Ventura for a secret meeting.

5:10 PM - Check the sweet craft services. (actually there was some healthy crap that was quite tasty).

5:56 PM - Back into Hollywood & grabbed a shot of the Capitol building. You see the bird (pigeon or dove) in flight on the left? I always like the look & feel of exiting the 101 S on Vine. This is the 1st thing you see when you do.


Christin said...

Seems like the weather in Germany is much better than in LA right now. That must be a first... *lol*

I really do like the new thin Apple keyboard, it feels like the Macbook keyboard. I still have the old keyboard, too, but it lies dormant under my desk and is only occasionally revived and plugged into my Macbook.

Fun 12 of 12!

Dogeared said...

Like Christin, I'm amazed that this is possibly the first time I've seen English (for me) weather be better than in LA! Does this mean the end of the world is nigh? ;-)

I checked the cast list for your project, as some of the people on the wall seemed familiar - Jillian's face does anyway (I found her name through the IMDb link) - but I've not seen anything of hers, so maybe it's the more than passing resemblance to Amber Tamblyn in "Joan Of Arcadia"?

Hope you're enjoying it, anyway! And that it leads to many more :D