Sunday, July 31, 2005


Wrapped "Time Capsule" today. A few scenes with "my" truck & the family up in Gorman CA. I always forget how beautiful the desert is and how quickly you can get to it here. Even when its 800 billion degrees with no air conditioning in the "Loyale With cheese" (my Subaru 4x4 wagon that's showing its age a bit) After a slowish start , including the Loyale not starting at our 1/2 way point for a painful 20 mins or so, the day went pretty well. Tech stuff on a couple of my shots went well. After they wrapped me I thought of one thing I might have added to a scene although I was assured they "got it". So I'll trust ....and hope I don't look like a tool.
How 'bout that happenin name patch? [pause for blog error, sometimes posted pics don't go where you want them and shit gets erased kind of interrupting the flow of things] There will be some better pics, this was just a quickie with my phone.

Got to do a little editing favor for my Texas buddy Jeff today. He brought the wrong firewire cable but we found another in the nick of time. I'm happy we found that cable as I already have a pro rated favor of his GL2 for my next short. Karma bank...or something.

ROCK! Queen is back together for a small tour, with Paul Rodgers (Bad Co, Free) very exciting. I broke down & ordered some tix this morning from evil Ticketmaster. Decent seats & I even browsed Ebay for a bit thinking about upgrading to excellent seats. Now that I've seen the set list(s) from the European leg of the tour I'm just a tad less excited. Only a tad, really, but perhaps the tad that will keep me from digging deep for first 20 rows. I'd like a little more metal & a little less GaGa. Still psyched though, oh yeah.

Talked marketing with a few fellas on set & my buddy Joe (I'll have to ask if he wants a link here... still wondering about that kind of stuff) tonight and yesterday. Somewhere in there I used the word beholden & was asked if I was from the 40's. heh heh. Want to type more but I'm tired (and I'm really not sure I'll go back & add to posts or not, hmmm)


Bonnie said...

Hee hee. You said "beholden" because you read Jill Andre saying it in "Acting Qs." Hee hee.

And you're still a two-car family? Wow! I thought the Loyale w/ Cheese went to pasture. Good for it, still kickin' it.

Enjoy the GaGa. (jealous = me)

Lipp said...

1 of many interesting coincidences lately that "beholden". I think I may have read Jill's part right after I said it.

Yes, I'm rich in cars with 170,000 miles or more, heh heh. The Loyale with Cheese was just in its 2nd film. SAGe now!

You should come GaGa

NiNi said...

You look so damn cool!! Your face is very distinguished and you take photos well -- the camera loves ya, baby!

I can't wait to see more've definitely got me intrigued about the film. -LOVE the name patch...I would actually want to "keep" that jacket! Heh.

Lipp said...

Thanks nini, You're only seeing the good pics though, heh heh.

The jacket went to the writer/actor/co-producer who purchased it. Your right, it would have been a cool snag if possible.