Saturday, July 30, 2005


In 6 plus years in L.A. I have not done any background work. I did some in Denver(that's another story or two) OK, now I have to take that back - I've done very little background work. Last year I volunteered to do some on an Indie, with a bunch of friends, to help out another friend. And I was sort-of fangled into a featured extra role that I thought was a non speaking small part in a post graduate fellowship film.

Lately though I've submitted to a few featured extra roles on LAcasting and Actors Access. I guess I just figured why not, I could use the extra cash, it contributes to SAG Pension & Health and its good to be on set. Of course after a day or 2 of this, if it ever happens, my mind may change right back. heh heh we shall see but I'm really not clicking on many of these.

So yesterday I get called for a day of work on a feature because of an open call I went to after submitting for "Cab Driver" .Well the cabbie got dumped but they asked if I would be in another small scene. I had to say no as I'll be shooting the highway scene for "Time Capsule" on Sunday and that's when they wanted me. Quality problem. Even on a smaller scale work begets work.

Good actor's day went well. The 1st audition was for an angry blue-collar Dad and I think it went well. The courtroom scene was quick & clean...funny to watch the kid doing his scene(s) with his mom eventually bribing him with jelly beans to stay still just for a few more seconds. Many of us thought that would be a good way to run my scene as well, heh heh.

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